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  • Divergent: Movie Analysis

    Media Essay – Analysis of Divergent In this essay I will be analysing the film Divergent and the ways in which it links to Theory in Action. This essay will cover the links between Divergent and theories such as the Feminism Theory, Marxism, and Structuralism etc. The first topic that I will be looking at is the genre of the film. Divergent can be linked to many genres due to the narrative but the main genres that it is categorised under are Action and Adventure. There are many ways in which…

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  • Art Gallery Blowout Analysis

    Blow out II Going to the art gallery Blowout was my first time going to an art gallery in a very long time. I have never really been around art. The only art I have been exposed to has been through art class in middle school and high school. I found art class fun but art has never really stuck with me, I was never really good at it and that frustrated me. When I was assigned to go to the art gallery I was excited to see the art and be and try to become more familiar with art, with that…

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  • Summary Of The Poem The Painter By John Ashbrey

    “The Painter” By John Ashbrey Introduction: The painter, by Ashbery sheds light on art in general and imitative art in particular, and touched some modern movements such as imagism, which depended on concrete images instead of poetic diction, so many critical views have been presented to interpret this piece of art. Ashbery endeavors to depict the beautiful vision of artist’s mind by focusing on the proclamation “as is painting, so is verse". Through verse he commends and praises the…

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  • Argument Essay: Protest Art Vs. Protest

    Art critic Clement Greenberg once said, “I don’t see art as having ever, in a real sense, affected the course of human affairs.” The sentiment here is that any “art” which has an impact on the world becomes propaganda or craft. However, the people who postulate this sentiment are the ones who use art for the crudest of purposes: the art market. It’s the same logic as saying that education has no purpose outside the world of work and consumption. When art becomes liberated from the demands of the…

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  • Memorial To James Analysis

    Memorial to James, First Earl Stanhope as Seen by a Novice Art is said to be in the eye of the beholder. That sentence forces the notion that anything can be considered art depending on the viewer’s belief as to what is artistic. Looking through most history books easily proves that with all the different forms art has taken throughout time. The trip to the Chrysler Museum makes the same point. Basking in the grand display of passion that many pieces radiated while they are displayed in the…

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  • Hero Film Analysis

    The Colours of Heroes In the early weeks of March, in my Art Studies 1 class, we were asked to watch a movie entitled “Hero” and write a critical essay on the use of colours, its effect, and perceived meaning. The movie was well made and is different from others. The plot was simple with a twist and each scene was wonderfully made. The combination of the simple settings and vivid colours of the outfits of the characters complemented well and allowed the viewers to focus on the actors more.…

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  • The Importance Of Art Integration In Education

    Integrating art unlocks the doors to learning, it is an important essential in today’s higher education. Some may ask what is the integration of arts? “Is an approach to teaching that integrates the fine and performing art.” A more-broad understanding is through the four essentials Yo-Yo Ma describes as, collaboration, flexible thinking, disciplined imagination and empathy. Yo-Yo Ma is a widely known cellist and songwriter, that started producing music from the age of five and has won over…

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  • What Do You Do T. Mbeki Analysis

    Daphney Sihwa African Art What do you do T. Mbeki? Dr. Ola The artwork entitled ‘What Do You Do T. Mbeki?’ by the artist Rose Kgoete was created for the Mapula Embroidery project. Mapula meaning “mother of rain”, was a project intended to address the awful poverty among women in Winterveld, an area North of Pretoria in South Africa. These women were encouraged to work on subject matters that were not usually addressed in public so this was their way of speaking out. The image by Rose is a…

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  • Julie Mehrtiu, Stadia I, By Julie Mehretu

    Julie Mehretu was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1970. She was schooled in Kalamazoo, where she received her bachelor degree in Art, and continued on to receive her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Art and Design in 1997 (Artnet). She lives and works in Harlem New York with her artist and partner (Plagens). Mehretu works on drawings influenced by architectural plans and aerial maps. She adds many layers to increase complexity. She relates the layering to herself as parts of who she is. She…

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  • Panopticism In The Novels Of John Berger And Michel Foucault

    Within the books of John Berger and Michel Foucault’s thoughts and ideas, they’re shown throughout their short anthologies. In “Ways of Seeing” and Panopticism; we see a lot of similarities and differences between the authors. From the way they write, to the way they express, to the way they think about their emotions and how they translate it out to their readers. John Berger talks about how we have our own perspectives on seeing things and how we can maintain different views in our society.…

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