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  • Cubist Art: Braque's Violin And Jug

    two-dimensional surface? Prior to the 20th Century, art styles such as realism and romanticism were most popular in the world of art, these traditional and academic art forms were seen as the highest and most desirable form of art; the result of great skill and control. At this time artists focused on creating artwork that was visually accurate and which were true depictions of the world and their surroundings. In the 20th century however, art styles changed dramatically with the development of…

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  • Is Art A Fluidity?

    Art is a Fluidity Society is constantly changing, growing, and evolving; art is a constant. Since there were cavemen, there were prehistoric cave paintings. When people began to hunt, they began to sculpt hunting weapons and tools using solely natural resources. Once religion became a part of society, art became one of the major means of expressing religious beliefs. Art is a constant because it is natural. It is something that is instilled within us all from a very young age. When we are…

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  • Gendered Tv Femininity Analysis

    Women have been creating art for just as long, and just as much, as men, though it would not seem that way to the plain eye. The reason for this is simply that many art forms that are associated with women are not valued, and therefore not discussed, nor encouraged, allowing them to slip through the cracks. Those who do enjoy women-centered art forms are often chastised for enjoying what is considered the lowest art. In his article Gendered Television: Femininity, author John Fiske discusses the…

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  • Auteur Theory Analysis

    The theme and the message of artistic art forms are largely at the mercy of the various perceptions that individuals have about them as no two individual perceptions are completely alike. This notion is especially evident when reviewing and interpreting the ideas of classical film theorists and their opinions on the purpose of what the unique art form of film is meant to be, and what methods should be used in order to achieve that purpose. This contrasting difference across different realms of…

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  • Essay On Ancient Greek Hellenism

    believed that artists were able to use this stolen fire to create art and interpret truth in a way that normal people were incapable of doing. This view led to them being revered as god-like or even as demigods! There were also many critics who neither trusted artists, as they had allegedly used the stolen fire from the Sun, nor believed they were of any value in the public circle, viewing artwork as useless. In other words, “Art doesn’t have the honesty of reason nor the power of philosophy.”…

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  • Art Versification And Visual Art

    Versification & Visual Art “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” A quote from great thinker Leonardo Da Vinci that perfectly encompasses the utterly complex comparison between poetry as a written art versus visual art.In this essay I will be exploring the idea that while these two forms of expression and production have their differences, they inevitably influence each other and when combined together, can create art that…

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  • Dante's Life

    therefore, his interpretation and knowledge he had of these topics would possibly allow an enhanced understanding of how the topics make meaning in my life. Despite the probability that Dante and I would have different experiences and preferences in art, literature, and music, similarities would most likely exist. On my pilgrimage, past experiences would form the foundation for the meaning of my life, and future experiences would enhance how I view the meaning of my life. As taught in…

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  • Plensa And Dill Analysis

    two more of their art works that share similar characteristics with one another. Plensa and Dill both focus on human figures when building their sculptures and paintings as well. The colors and size in which these artists use can be compared to. Plensa and Dill’s sculptures can be compared by the looks and the messages that they portray. But on the other side of things,…

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  • Limits Of Tattoo Essay

    Art, as Limitless as the Design Tattoos are a form of art. Tattoos are first and foremost an expression of one’s self, they always have a meaningful and deep emotional connection to the owner, also no two tattoos are the same, and they add character to a blank canvas (the body). This topic was chosen because tattoos in and of themselves are a controversial topic that many people feel very passionate about. All the forms of art are judged and have critics, however, as with any form of art,…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock: The Master Of Suspense

    “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock is known for being the “master of suspense”. Born on Aug. 13, 1899 in Leytonstone, England, Hitchcock was one of three children. It is said that he had a lonely childhood due to obesity, which left him isolate and sheltered away from others. His parents had unusual methods of discipline; and often times sent him to the local jail for the police to lock him up for misbehaving, and afterwards would…

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