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  • Beth Fantaskey Research Paper

    that in her interview with Beth Fantaskey. She was inspired to make her book a murder mystery because when she was young, martial arts and fighting was a big thing in Pennsylvania where she grew up. It was known as “cockfighting” and they were put into octagon cages. Even though it was illegal at the time. Elizabeth Bloom concludes, that the popularity of mixed martial arts and fighting have given Beth Fantaskey the idea of writing a murder mystery, in her…

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  • The Challenges Of Ronda Rousey's Most Dangerous Women

    but no one has been able to defend it”, said Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) commentator Mike Goldberg when asked to critic Ronda Rousey’s strategy before every fight. At the age of 28, Rousey has in four years become the most dominant mixed-martial-arts (MMA) fighter in the sport’s history and was in fact recently named “the most dominant athlete alive,” beating out names like LeBron and Mayweather (“The World’s Most Dangerous Woman”). Ronda Rousey is currently known as the best female MMA…

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  • Analysis Of The Fist Of Fury

    Thus, the Fist of Fury is a great example of the nationalism depicted in films and also the anti-Japanese sentiments. It is very common to know that in the past and even today, there is still this negative and superior feeling toward the Japanese. There are various reasons why there are these negative sentiments towards the Japanese (and vice versa) but some can be that it may lie in the struggle for power and influence in Asia between China and Japan. Another reason may be because there are…

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  • Analysis: Relieving Tensions Through Unconventional Methods

    Relieving Tensions through Unconventional Methods Mehmet Oz once declared “What happens when you have great grief in your life is the arteries of that heart begins to spasms down, just literally squeezes down like this because you’re feeling the tension of your life and then the heart muscle itself also begin- to get stressed out.” While my mind was more attentive and energized due to the continuous use of my meditation regime, my body still experienced tensions and soreness. As discussed in…

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  • Jab Techniques In Boxing

    A boxer seeks to maintain distance between himself and his opponent, fighting with faster, longer range punches, most notably the jab, and gradually wearing his opponent down. Compared to all other punches the jab is the closes to reach your opponent. The jab is fast, longer, most likely to land, and least likely to leave you vulnerable. The jab uses less energy than any other punch and keeps you in position to follow up with a dangerous power punch. The jab can be used for offensives technique…

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  • John Cena Research Paper

    John Felix Anthony Cena was born on April 23, 1997 to Carol nee Lupien and John Cena Sr. He is a professional wrestler of WWE, an actor, and was previously a rapper. He started his career as a professional wrestler in 1999, and his acting career started in 2000. His debut fight in the ring was with Kurt Angle, even though he lost. He is now related in the Make A Wish Foundation. Some of his moves are the Attitude Adjustment(AA), which was previously called the FU, the STF, and his “You Can’t See…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day In A Martial Arts School

    and the wind was whistling outside the glass doors. A woman in a white outfit, that looked like pajamas, with a black belt around her waist came over to me and showed me what we were doing. After that first day, I begged my mum to let me join the martial arts school. The next day, I went back. I pulled the white bag over my head and laughed as my teacher had to roll the sleeves up so it looked more like a uniform and less like a bag. I was taught how to tie the paper white belt on and who to…

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  • The Importance Of Protecting Your Child's Teeth Essay

    The Importance Of Protecting Your Child’s Teeth While Playing Sports There are many ways for kids to pass the time here in Virginia Beach, VA. Many parents prefer to enroll their children in some sort of sport to help keep their kids busy and active. What many parents don’t realize is that most popular sports involve contact, and where there is contact, there is danger of having teeth damaged or knocked out. This goes for sports like baseball and basketball to activities such as skateboarding,…

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  • Knockout Brain Trauma

    Knocking Out Brain Trauma I have a lot of personal experience from fighting. I used to be a professional MMA fighter and boxer, I had many bouts. I’m here to tell you that a fighter’s health should be regulated especially their mental capacity. I am speaking from experience from someone who fought all the time and would spar almost every day. For those of you that don’t know what to spar means it is where you pretty much have a gym fight and practice your skills. If you get too many…

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  • Sonny Liston Analysis

    I considered which story needed revision most. My first submission earned ninety-seven points, while the latter one got less. Ideas flowed for making it better. The other composition I submitted was abstract in its plot. I experimented with second-person through placing readers in the shoes of a ranked heavyweight who has gotten placed into a time machine and transported to an unspecified period in history to fight someone they think is Sonny Liston. There wasn’t a true setting apart from the…

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