My Favorite Things Like To Me

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There are many things that make me who I am; regardless if it comes from the past, present or future. I am a simple person with many hopes, dreams, and ambitions.When talking about my favorite things they range from different spectrums. The first thing that is very exciting to me are films. I nearly go to the movie theater every friday to watch a new movie. I like films like Fast and Furious, Divergent, The Hunger Games, and etc. Films are really cool and depicts dreams that we wish were real. In the same way, I love to read books in my spare time. I love reading young adult novels like Divergent, Percy Jackson, and the 39 Clues. Books are very interesting and expresses a whole new world through the minds of many people. Every people has …show more content…
I love watching dance shows like Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. Dance has a beautiful artistry to it where it always tells a story. I also wish to become a great dancer someday. Another form of artistry I love is music. I like to listen to music from all genres and from different countries. I tend to listen to a lot of rock music specifically the from the band Paramore. Music relaxes me and also motivates me to do things. Another thing that relaxes me is playing games whether it is board games or video games. Just like movies and books, video games expresses an idea in a different way. Games actually let you interact with these worlds unlike movies and books. This is why I like games. All of this things is comes from the creativity of the mind, which is why I like …show more content…
I came to Ohio when I was about four year old and has since grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Since I don’t remember what it was like to live in California I would like to visit there. Ever since I was little I was into music. I played several different instruments since elementary school. In the fourth grade I learned how to play the violin. I play for the school’s orchestra from the 4th grade to the 8th grade. Being in orchestra made me very happy. I went to concerts and won awards for my playing. Although I don’t play for the school anymore, playing the violin still makes me happy. Whereas I had my easy going side I also had a fierce side. Since I was young I participated in various different martial arts. I learned Karate and even boxing. I was really good in the Karate classes that I would earn medals and awards. I also received praise many times. I am a purple belt in Kenpo Karate, which is four belts away from a black belt. I really like martial arts and I am good at it. With martial arts and music I can be creative and experiment with different things.

Right now music is still a big part of my life. I now know how to play the guitar and piano. I have three guitars and two keyboards; and still counting. I also have a bass guitar and a dj turntable I need to learn how to play. When I have spare time I would play my guitar and learn a new song. I am able to learn a new song in 10 minutes; sometimes

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