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  • Write An Essay About Sofka's Life

    Sofka’s extraordinary life ranged from childhood in the highest court circles of Tsarist Russia to Communist Party meetings in post-war Chelsea, and ended peacefully on a remote patch of Bodkin Moor. She appeared just six weeks ago on a Time watch television documentary on Rasputin, recalling in a few moments' shots the pre-1917 Russia from which she had come so long ago. Sofka Skipwith was a hero of the Holocaust and saved 2000 French Jewish women. She was born Sofka Dolgorouky in St…

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  • Sociological Inquiry

    dividing factor of progress. Private schools in Britain are well established in their capacity to generate graduates who are socially and academically superior. Although the schooling system values academic achievement, the tangibility of the “Marlborough –Oxford conveyor belt” to a seven year old is dependent on parental socialisation and socioeconomic status. This becomes evident when contrasted with Paul’s Australian education. In the late 1960’s the Australian educational structure varied…

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  • Winston Churchill's 'Mass Effects In Modern Life'

    Mass Effects in Modern Life, 1925 by Winston Churchill In 1925, Winston Churchill gave a lecture about the big changes of world and he pointed mostly World War I and the industrial sector with collectivization. Also, he illustrated his prediction for the future wars. According to Winston Churchill, the modern world is based on collectivization unlike before that every one followed the old business family. Churchill mentions that instead of individual works, and family business that were…

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  • Venus Of Willendorf Essay

    with the limited technology that was present at that time?” Stonehenge’s stones are sarsen stones, which is a type of sandstone. According to, the stones used to create this engineering masterpiece of art were brought from the Marlborough Downs, 20 miles away. The lightest of these stones weigh 2 tons, with the heaviest as much as 30 tons. Only careful and calculated planning would be able to successfully create a plan to build this remarkable…

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  • Villa Maria Winery Case Analysis

    The purpose of this report is to identify how Villa Maria Winery and Snowplanet can get more efficient by using the marketing mix Firstly, this report will discuss the situational analysis for Villa Maria Winery which will talk about internal and external environment .Strengths and weakness will be discussed considering the components of product, price, place and promotion. Then, opportunities and threats within the external macro-environment based on socio-cultural and economic forces and…

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  • Essay On John Snow's Map

    In 1854, Dr. John Snow, devised a map of the London Cholera outbreak. He was known to be one of the founding fathers of epidemiology. During that time period, many civilians were dying quickly and rapidly from Cholera (Frerichs). Dr. John Snow suspected the containment was coming from a well known area like a water pump. Snow obtained data of where the individuals lived and the location of the water pumps and mapped the outcome (Frerichs). The map has many different aspects.First, I will…

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  • Rutter V Palmer Case Study

    Material Facts 1. Firstly, it is helpful to list down the material facts for which we are proceeding on in our case. 2. Mark and his wife, Julia signed up for Zumba classes at a fitness club near their house. After completing the necessary forms, for which a fine print marked “for terms and condition, please see notices in the club” was printed at the bottom of the page, Mark and Julia made payment without looking at the terms and conditions. The notices were exhibited at the main…

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  • Mark Rothko's Success And Reputation

    magazine at the time. The case involved a legal dispute between Rothko’s daughter and three executors of Rothko’s estate, who were his closest friends, over the ownership of the Rothko estate (Dobrzynski. 1998). The three executors conspired with Marlborough Gallery in New York in order to devalue and waste the Rothko estate, an act that the media labeled as “painful betrayal” and “inexplicable” (Dobrzynski. 1998). This case contained everything that the public would be enthralled and invested…

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  • Stonehenge: A Burial Site

    Stonehenge is an ancient monument of massive stones of varied sizes and shapes in the form of a circle. It was constructed by the Neolithic people from 3,000 BCE to 1,520 BCE, approximately 5,000 years ago. It is in the Salisbury plain in Wiltshire, England, and is one of the most famous prehistoric artifacts in Europe. It was rebuilt in various stages due to changing styles and beliefs but actual reasons why it was built are still a mystery today ("Stonehenge.” Britannica School). Stonehenge…

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  • Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Man Vs. God

    Embryonic STEM Cell Research: Man vs. God 21st century Hawaiians come from a long lineage of powerful and mighty warriors. Their ancestors had to survive several trials and obstacles of war and disease in order to continue on their legacy. Despite the fact, the Hawaiian race has weakened, now becoming the world’s leading population for heart disease. Thanks to revolutionary scientific discoveries, scientists are now able to produce working, artificial organs and tissues using STEM cells,…

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