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  • The Importance Of Changing The Oil In A Car

    go to your local auto store like Auto Zone they will be able to also tell you what you all you need for your vehicle based on the year, make, and model. Also, specific tools are needed to change your oil. You can get all the tools from your local auto store as well. You will need a wrench to remove the drain plug; a socket wrench would be a good tool. Then another wrench for the oil filter, an oil drain pan for collection of the old oil, a funnel, gloves (if you want), and paper towels are also needed when things get messy. You will also need a jack to lift the car up for easier access to the undercarriage of the vehicle. Now knowing what kind of oil and filter your vehicle uses and the things needed you are ready to start changing the oil. Choose a place where you would rather make slight oils spills like your driveway, a garage, or somewhere you feel that would be beneficial to change the oil at. Next you can jack up the car until it’s at the height needed for you to easily get in and out from under the vehicle. Be sure that it is sturdy and correctly lifted so that the car doesn’t slip and fall. After jacking up the vehicle, locate the oil pan and take off the drain plug with the socket wrench and let the oil drain into the oil pan (this may take 5 minutes or so). Make sure the oil you are draining is dark colored this will let you know that the oil is old. You can also tell by the smell of the oil that it is old; therefore, the vehicle is ready for new oil. After the…

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  • The Importance Of Changing A Flat Tire

    they are driving. When driving down the road, one will start to feel the car start pull to one side and then they will feel the dreaded sound of the tire going flat. So they would pull over and realize they do not know how to change a tire. One will go to the trunk to grab their spare tire, jack, and wrench. Changing a tire is a basic necessity that anyone who is driving will need to know. In order to change a tire, they will need to know basic knowledge of the proper way to place a jack, how to…

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  • Summary: The Monkey Wrench Conspiracy

    In turn, The Monkey Wrench Conspiracy, saw huge success not only nationally, but internationally and similar applications are being improved on to this day. Concurrently, there are individuals who argue these methods and dependence on technology. In Morgen Witzel’s “A New Era for Digital Learning” (2005) the author states “Preoccupation with technology is one of the criticisms levelled at online learning programmes, but there are others. Early online learning programmes were often surprisingly…

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  • Essay: How To Change The Oil In A Car

    following tools for this job; 5 quarts of oil, oil filter, wrench, oil filter wrench, drain pan, funnel. For easy cleanup a pair of mechanical gloves and shop towels will be helpful. If you do not have these things on hand, make a trip to the nearest auto parts store and an associate will assist you to get everything you need to get the job done. Be advise that you will…

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  • Process Essay On How To Change A Car

    If you’re impatient and want to rush through it, this process isn’t for you because rushing through the process will only make you do the steps incorrectly leading up to an accident or an injury to occur onto you. With that said, let us show you how to change a tire. To begin, you need the following materials which are spare tire, two wheel blocks, a car jack, and a lug wrench. The spare tire could either a temporary tire or a replacement while the wheel block could be a bricks, wood, stone, or…

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  • Hyder V Wrench Case Study

    valid contract formed between each of the plaintiff and defendant. (b)Rules The law of contact is must be lawfully binding contact between two or more parties enforceable by law. On the fact, it is not written but is be verbal. However, it is clear that a contract does not have to be in writing. (i)Offer: Offer is determine the offeror is expression of willingness to enter into contract with offeree (Professor Trcitel). It is different from a counter-offer (Hyder v Wrench). Examples will be…

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  • Explain How To Change A Car Tire Essay

    road turn your hazard lights on. This ensures that the traffic behind you can see that your there so that they can create more room between your car and their car, and even potentially pull over and help you. The next step would be to find the spare tire, wrench and jack. Loosen the nuts on the flat tire by rotating the…

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  • Essay On Car Oil

    oil filter type. 2) Go out to the automotive store and get the correct oil and oil filter be sure to refer back to your cars manual. 3) Get yourself a foot pound wrench with a standard 14 mm socket. 4) Get an oil drain pan. 5) Get under your vehicle and check for a rectangular pan. 6) Place oil drain pan under the rectangular pan and loosen the bolt and Let oil drain for about 15 min. 8) Change the oil filter. 9) Open the labeled cap on the engine…

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  • Deadly Weapon Investigation Report

    INTRODUCTION: The suspect threatened to hit the victim with a 4-Way lug wrench and a piece of plywood. The suspect then threw a large rock at the victim 's living room window as the victim stood in front of it all in violation of PC 245(a)(1)-Assault with a Deadly Weapon. LOCATION DESCRIPTION: The location is a two story apartment complex located on the southwest corner of Orange Grove Boulevard and Cypress Avenue. The victim’s living room window is on the east side of the residence and faces…

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  • Rotate Tires Process Analysis

    2017 How to Rotate Tires Rotating the tires on your vehicle is recommended so that the tread stays evenly worn on all four tires. Since the front tires carry more of the car’s weight, then they tend to wear down much faster than the back tires. The front tires also wear down faster since they are the ones that turn. It is recommended to rotate your tires every six thousand miles. If you find trouble in keeping up with the miles, then an easier way of remembering would be to rotate them every…

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