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  • Why Is Littering Wrong

    Littering is a very important law for many good reasons. One example of why littering is a terrible thing is because it doesn’t look good for your community. People who go and look for houses in your community might not want to move into your community because they do not want to be looked at by other people as living in a gross community. If visitors of the community visit that place once, they probably might not want to go back. Trash pick up also cost a lot of money too. Picking up trash is…

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  • Why Shipbreaking Is Bad

    Ships are the global transportation of people and cargo by sea, but it can also be extremely harmful to the planet. The reason why ships can be extremely harmful to the planet is shipbreaking. Shipbreaking is when rundown ships around 25-30 years old are broken down to metals for reuse. I encourage to reinforce stronger environmental and labour laws on shipbreaking because it can lead to chemicals and oil leaking out to sea. Workers who are also involved in shipbreaking have zero to little…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Plastic Pollution

    Plastic Pollution Have you ever gone to any ocean and found plastic in the water? This problem is known as water pollution and it’s majorly affecting the Earth. Did you know that billions of pounds of plastic can be found swirling in the ocean? According to Ecowatch, about 100,000 animals die from plastic pollution each year. Hundred thousand animals, what if 100,000 humans died. It’d be a catastrophe and people would care about how randomly 100,00. Ecowatch stated plastic constitutes…

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  • Environmental And Environmental Impacts Of Ocean Dead Zones

    discussing what an ocean dead zone is, what are the sources of pollution that create dead zones, what chemicals are involved, and the environmental and economical impacts of ocean dead zones. An ocean dead zone is a low oxygen area where most of the marine life dies or leaves. Ocean dead zones are also known as hypoxic zones because the term hypoxic means low levels of oxygen. Ocean dead zones have been around and occurring for hundreds of thousands of years, but recently they have been…

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  • How Radiation Affect Marine Life

    this affect life in the ocean, and how to save it. Since Fukushima dumped the radiation in the ocean scientists have done many comprehensive studies on the marine life. Through these studies they found that many of the seals and shellfish are suffering from blood cancer. Infact since japan's plant spilled the radiation the amount of marine animals with blood cancer has doubled.…

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  • Hooded Plover Extinction

    Introduction The purpose of this investigation is to help show how people could help save the Hooded Plovers from extinction. People tend to think that the beaches are just covered in sand. For many years now, people have been visiting beaches around South Australia; and which has out a negative impact on the flora and fauna. The Hooded Plovers are highly endangered. There are less then 800 Hooded Plover in South Australia, and only 7,000 in Australia. The main reason that the Hooded Plovers are…

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  • The Importance Of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

    Approximately 8m tons of plastic ends up in the oceans every year. Marine life is in serious danger with the amount of the plastic in the oceans, studies show by 2050 their will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. The plastic is killing and if not hurting the marine life. “But we also need to prevent plastic getting into the ocean in the first place. If we don’t manage the influx of plastics we will be the garbagemen…

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  • National Ocean Policy

    Laws are being made to try to prevent pollution from land, sea, and air to protect endangered species, and to try to build marine protected areas. Pollution has been harming organisms all over the world and will continue to harm these species without the effort to help stop polluting the oceans. Oceans absorb 80% of greenhouse gases and 50% of the carbon dioxide released into…

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  • Analysis Of The Documentary Toaxic: Garbage Island By Thomas Morton

    A World of Plastic In the hour long documentary, TOXIC: Garbage Island by Thomas Morton, a group of adults venture to the North Pacific gyre for 21 days to find a spinning current with tons of chemicals and plastics that will not biodegrade in order to show society how serious plastic pollution is. Throughout the documentary, the VICE team documents the plastic that has polluted the Pacific Ocean. The main argument that is used in the documentary is that most Americans do not think about…

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  • Essay On New Jersey Waterways Problem

    There’s Something in the Water Relaxing on a beach or fishing on a river are fun activities. The water always looks clean and fresh. No one wants to look across the ocean, lake, or river, and see candy wrappers and plastic particles. Unfortunately, New Jersey waterways, specifically the ones in northern New Jersey, have been plagued with an abundance of plastic. This is a major problem that needs to be fixed is the contaminated waterways because they cause problems. The plastic pollution in…

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