Marine debris

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  • Causes Of Plastic Debris

    It is well know that there is an ongoing plastic debris epidemic with an estimated 8 billion tonnes of plastic waste being dumped into the ocean each year (Walter, 2015). With the increasing growth of the human population and the ever expanding affluence of lower income countries plastic waste is only going to increase. Marine ecosystems will be the brunt of this crisis with most terrestrial plastic waste ending its journey in the oceans. The most fragile ecosystems, coral reefs, will be the…

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  • Marine Pollution Essay

    Marine pollution “Plastic never goes away, and its increasingly finding its way into our oceans and onto our beaches”(“Ocean Plastics Pollution”). Marine pollution is a hazard to humans and wildlife when consumed. Marine pollution is detrimental to our planet and its many diverse ecosystems filled with delicate wildlife. The pollution of our oceans occurs daily and is often overlooked or forgotten about when it is a major environmental issue. Marine pollution causes many species of marine life…

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  • The Effects Of Plastic Debris On Seabirds

    Hello everyone, I am Charmaine Sultana and welcome and thank you for your interest in my presentation of the effects of plastic debris has on seabirds and how it effects the environment. Brief Concerns Plastic is almost everywhere in our everyday lives. It has become a convenient commodity which is used every day, from storage containers and packaging to plastic bag to take home our goods. Gopal, Phebe, Kumar and Vani (2014) refer to plastic as being inexpensive and overused, hence polluting…

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  • How Does Pollution Affect Sea Turtles

    resulting in fewer male hatchlings. Warmer sea surface temperatures can also lead to the loss of important foraging grounds for sea turtles, while increasingly severe storms and sea level rise can destroy critical nesting beaches and damage nests. • Marine Pollution…

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  • Case Study: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

    Problem Statement The purpose of this inquiry is to investigate the topicof debris in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, with the main focus being the detrimental effects of plastic waste matteron sea birds.Scientists estimate that 90% of seabirds have consumed plastic debris (ChrisWilcoxa, 2015). The ingestion of plastic debris in seabirds can lead tostomach obstruction and death (Chris Wilcoxa, 2015). The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a large mass of floating garbage in the Pacific Ocean that…

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  • Beaches Persuasive Speech

    Introduction Every year an average of 88,000 pounds of debris washes up on California beaches, and there is an estimated 3.5 million tons of trash in the Pacific Ocean alone. I know what you’re thinking, why does this matter to us? I had the same question, so I researched the topic and found a plethora of information from scientists and sailors alike. Today I will explain to you why the amount of debris is so unnerving and urge you to do what we can do to help clean this problem up. Body Need…

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  • Inside The Garbage Of The World Analysis

    problem of ocean pollution due to excessive plastic consumption. A serious roster of experts: Capt. Moore (Marine Research Institute), Dan Glaser (Surf-rider foundation), Dr. Andrea Neal (Jean-Michel Cousteau), Professor Christopher Cogan (CSU Channel Islands) want to make people aware of the damage they are doing to animals and the planet because of the high concentration of plastic debris and detritus that has accumulated in the North Pacific Ocean due to ocean currents. Pollution in our…

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  • Summary: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

    How Stuff Works, MNN, and Discovery news agree, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a large amount of garbage that has been thrown into the ocean or runoff debris from land. This collection of waste is made up of trash, toxic runoff, fishing gear, plastics and other pollutants. According to One Green Planet, the Garbage Patch is 2x the size of Texas and has 3 million tons of litter. Most people believe it is trash visible with the naked eye, according to National Oceanic Service and Ocean…

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  • Negative Effects Of Ocean Pollution

    Today in the world one of the biggest pollution issues come from the ocean. Scientists have been studying for years on how to stop the pollution that one has created. If we look bad to the beginning of when America was founded we can see a different between the ways that the land was being treated. The Indians treated the land with respect but it seems the more one looks into the future the people are treating it worst and worst. The ocean is a place one loves to travel to each year. One hates…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Endangered Wildlife Trust

    Millions of sea animals are killed every year as a result of consuming pollution that is made up of manmade plastic in the ocean. In an effort to wake up the human population and make them realize what they are doing to the environment, the Endangered Wildlife Trust created an advertisement to make people stop and think about what they are putting into the world. With the use of rhetoric, the author reaches out to everyone to show them that their actions have consequences. The purpose of the ad…

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