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  • The Negative Effects Of Ocean Pollution

    The ocean covers more than 70% our earth’s surface, and 97% of the water found on the earth is contained in the ocean. Ocean pollution is a serious matter that people can get into a discussion, but when they go to bed at night not a lot of people are thinking about how much ocean pollution affects not only endangered species that live in the ocean but us as well. Most people don’t believe that they contribute to ocean pollution. They think it’s the big industries that create plastic and…

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  • Round Goby Research Paper

    Round Goby the Invasive Species I know that many people have never thought that fishing, being their main source of income. However when it is, a small toad-like pest called a round goby can devastate you greatly. The many different capabilities and adaptations this fish possess makes it a major threat to the bodies of water it has entered. The round goby or Neogobius melanostomus was introduced to the Great lakes from ballast waters of ships (Protect your waters para. 1). These fish are…

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  • Ethical Fishing Practices

    pleasure of humans, but it is often forgotten that it can and will be used up. The amount of overfishing happening is atrocious. The worst part is that millions of pounds of marine life taken from the ocean are unintentional. Fishing companies go out with the intention of catching a select few species of fish and any other type of marine life that is captured in the process is considered bycatch. The methods that fishing companies use are unethical and extremely harmful. Two specific fishing…

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  • Kayla Bird Sings: A Narrative Fiction

    could hear is the pilot’s radio. “ THE PLANE CRA…..” the worker said as the radio went out. “Ouch!” Kayla cried as she got up. “ Mom… Dad.. Where r u?” “Were over here, Kayla. Come help us, “ Mom said very weakly. Kayla was searching through the debris of the plane, as she was trying to save her parents. Her parents tried to stand up very slowly,but they couldn’t,…

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  • Essay On Hemp

    before. If they go out of pocket, the government who owns the land doesn’t get any money from the oil company, meaning they loose what could be vital for them. Drilling for oil also damages the earth, not just because of the possibility of damaging the marine life in a spill, but also the rock below which has lain untouched for ages. This is destroying our earth, so we should be trying to fic it before it is too…

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  • Summary Of My Wish: Protect Our Oceans

    powerful talks.” TED launched in 1984, and since then, they have allowed thousands of speakers to share their ideas globally, in over a hundred different languages (“Our Organization”). Earle, one of the thousands of speakers on TED, is an American marine biologist, explorer, author, and lecturer. She has accompanied more than fifty expeditions and spent over seven-thousand hours underwater (Earle). Earle’s eye-opening talk on the deep blue sea explains the importance of the ocean, how new…

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  • Cause Of Ocean Pollution

    and the health of our planet are all in danger as these numbers continue to rise. In the North Pacific Ocean, there is a large mass of garbage about the size of Australia. Here, 750,000 micro plastic pieces can be found per square kilometer. The marine life is absolutely riddled with plastics an other garbage. All the garbage is moved to this specific spot called the “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” by ocean currents that create a vortex that makes it virtually impossible for trash to ride…

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  • Ocean Pollution Affecting Marine Animals

    information regarding this topic. How does ocean pollution affect marine animals and why is important? Well to start off ocean pollution is very dangerous to the marine animals that live in the ocean because they can get stuck in the litter that gets thrown into the drains or places where the trash can go into the ocean or get stuck in trash for example a plastic bag could get wrapped around their head and they can’t get it off. Marine animals aren’t like humans as in they can’t take off the…

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  • Chick's Metacognition Analysis

    other pieces of trash floating around the top of the ocean. Researchers estimated that about ten percent of garbage goes into the ocean every year. This is a major problem that needs to be controlled somehow. The litter is killing many species of marine life and even birds. The animals see them and assume it is food and go to eat it, often getting caught it their throats or not being able to digest it will most likely kill them. Examiners have found various pieces of trash inside the stomach of…

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  • Plastic In The Ocean

    Many people don’t know this but in 2010 8 million tons of plastic ended up in the ocean. Do you know the effect of plastic in the ocean and how it affects the environment? Plastic in our oceans has been ruining our environment and I don’t think this is ever going to get better unless we do something about it. The plastic in our ocean has been affecting our oceans for generations and just keeps getting worse. According to the Geology and Human Health website plastic has gotten into the ocean…

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