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  • Mandated Reporting Essay

    suspected child or elder abuse. Mandated reporting is a law and anyone in the position of mandated reporting must abide by this law. However, for many, reporting does not always come easy. Flaherty (2006) states that the terms used to promote mandated reporting of child abuse in state laws vary by state but initially mean “reasonable suspicion” and, although an ambiguous term, it is purposely kept this way to promote reporting. The ambiguity of mandated reporting terms seem to be the cause of underreporting of child abuse because physicians are not able to accurately interpret the meaning of terms such as “reasonable suspicion” (Flaherty, 2006).…

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  • Can News Reporters Be Fully Clearly Trusted?

    click of a button for communication, and to sending news to the residents of the world. But, as the year progress the mortals abused the capability of these machines. One of the problems is how they report news and how they edit stuff to create news and spread rumors. Can news reporters be fully trusted? The history of journalism is when the development of transmitting news change dramatically. The first newspaper was published in 17th century, then entering 18th century was magazines,…

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  • A Career In Broadcast Journalism

    Determination and dedication are key to climbing the ladder. To truly go far, “you must have a strong desire and passion for informing the public through multimedia mediums,” Doug Green explains, and telling people’s stories through video. The long and busy hours that reporters experience on a daily basis becomes a lifestyle. Someone who enjoys a nomadic lifestyle would be the perfect fit for this job. When first starting out, you are bound to be living on the road and it may me hard to settle…

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  • Mutant Fleas Terrorize Midwest Analysis

    is basically a fake news article, that is very unrealistic, making fun of the way that news reporters blow things out of proportion, and tell a story, rather than what actually happened. There are not actually mutant fleas and giant flying cats, and berry hints at this in the story. Dave Barry's short story called “mutant fleas terrorize midwest”, there were lots of examples of high humor, more than low humor. In most cases, there are examples of irony, and hyperbole, to making satire for us…

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  • Photography And Journalism: The Positive Effects Of Journalism

    Every picture and journalist has to have a background and why it is so meaningful or special for them to express it. That is what photographers and journalists do they try to capture the moment and try to express what is going on in the world and share what is going on in the moment. So why are journalists such as photographs a controversial to politics? Well there are two sides one Journalism could have a positive effect but it could also have a bad reputation for politics. So the argument is…

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  • The First Amendment

    This metal structure is in shape the cross and was across been from one of the towers people feel that this cross should be a part of ground zero. Except for political leaders are worried about other religions and people tearing it down because of what it symbolizes. The people can also ignore this part of the First Amendment, Kinfolk can be outraged when someone is speaking for what they believe in what they think should be done to the community, and therefore the people speaking can be shunned…

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  • Lou Dobbs: Ethical Or Unethical?

    Every news reporter, journalists, author, or radio host must be always thinking is this ethical? Even though this thought goes through their minds constantly it doesn’t always end up being completely ethical. While doing research on Lou Dobbs, a former conservative worker of CNN, and Rachel Maddow, a current liberal host for MSNBC, I found out that these two people are willing to speak their opinions on every issue. In an article from The Nation, Lou Dobbs is referred to as a hypocrite and…

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  • Reflection On Observing Supreme Court

    I did see a few African American officers and two women officers, but the proportion was definitely unequal. I saw the same issue with the make up of the courtroom. Both judges I observed in court were white males, and the staff was mostly white as well, but the issue with sex is not the same. There were many females working as the staff in positions like, stenographer and court reporter. The majority of attorneys were white and male, but there were some female attorneys and African American…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Guilty Of Jealousy

    A court stenographer in a high profile murder case suspects the defendant isn’t guilty when her steno machine begins to tap out the message that they have the wrong killer. BRIEF SYNOPSIS KELSEY FREEMAN (25), a courtroom stenographer, struggles with a secret drug addiction. She cares for her former boyfriend’s grandmother. She’s assigned to a high-profile murder case involving a reality celebrity. Reality show star ANTHONY is accused of killing his wife LOLA out of jealousy. While preparing…

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  • Court Observation Report

    Attending court can be an intimidating situation especially if you have never been to one before. The court that I decided to visit for our assignment was the Harris County Criminal Justice Center located at 1201 Franklin St, Houston, TX 77002. I called prior to attending the courthouse to make sure I had something to observe and take notes from. I spoke to a lady that was very nice and she let me know that there was going to be many docket calls in the court room number 174 on the 19th floor…

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