The Importance Of A Career In Broadcast Journalism

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In order to become successful in this industry, I must first earn a degree in Broadcast Journalism. I plan to attend Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication to receive a well educated degree. They are known for having an innovative broadcasting program that keeps all students updated on the most recent techniques for newscasting. This business is undoubtedly an atmosphere of working for what you want and working your way up to the top. In the beginning of most journalists’ career, there is great possibility that they may end up in a one-horse town, reporting local news to a small town and population. A very small portion of broadcasters graduate college and receive a job offer with a well known …show more content…
To prosper as a broadcast journalist, it is very important to be comfortable and natural on camera. You must be ready to go out and find stories at any given time of the day, even during the dead of night. Determination and dedication are key to climbing the ladder. To truly go far, “you must have a strong desire and passion for informing the public through multimedia mediums,” Doug Green explains, and telling people’s stories through video. The long and busy hours that reporters experience on a daily basis becomes a lifestyle. Someone who enjoys a nomadic lifestyle would be the perfect fit for this job. When first starting out, you are bound to be living on the road and it may me hard to settle down during your early years. Maintaining stability in relationships may be hard, and with a family, it can be extremely difficult to balance. Another significant factor is the salary these kind of jobs offer. An amateur that has just graduated may start off making approximately $30,000 annually. Although the starting pay is particularly low, you can work your way up to making over $100,000 per year. There is not necessarily any education you can take for recertification, but as Doug Green says, “the more experience you have, the more well-suited you will be.” The best a young, aspiring journalist can do is strive to become the best they can and most importantly, make connections with others involved in the business. In some cases, broadcasters are able to get lucky just because of who they know. If they lay a strong foundation with coworkers in the beginning of their career, they have a better chance of being brought up the ladder with their colleagues. In other words, if I had a coworker who was promoted, and I had previously worked with them, they are more likely to choose me over anyone else because they are aware of my enduring work ethic. Regardless of

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