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  • Authentic Assessment

    An examination of how best to improve reading comprehension in Year 3 students identified as being below standard national benchmarks in NAPLAN results by means of a specific pedagogical framework, using language touted as best practice in classroom education reveals, that such language is a persuasive tool that can empower or silence a teacher as a researcher. How best to teach reading comprehension has been debated without resolution for generations. The rise and fall in popularity of…

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  • My Religion Paper

    The purpose of this paper is to introduce my religion, talk about the spirits or deities and their significance, identify the basic concepts and beliefs of my religion, describe its mythology, explain the sacred text and its relationship to my religion, describe the location and ambience where members meet, identify and explain the use of rituals, describe my home altar, talk about how to be a member of my religion, and identify how members are trained for positions and roles within my religion.…

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  • International Baccalaureate Advantages

    take six different subjects, Theory of Knowledge, CAS and Extended essay in order to graduate with an IB diploma. The six subjects that the students choose come from six different sections; Humanities, Mathematics, Second Language, Arts, Sciences, English which they must choose one from each section. Further, they choose the level at which they want to study their subjects; three must be higher level (college equivalent) and three must be standard level. In addition, they must spend a year…

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  • The Hero's Journey In American Born Chinese By Gene Luen Yang

    by acceptance of who they truly are, no matter what they did in the meantime. As the story wraps up, the Monkey King emparts one final message on Jin, and I believe it is one that encompasses the entire message of the story. He leaves Jin with the words “I only realized how good it is to be a monkey.” (Yang, 223). Leaving us with a final reminder to embrace our true…

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  • Speech Language Pathologist Scholarship Essay

    disorder can result in quick false judgments. A child with autism from a bystanders viewpoint may look like a “bad kid” when really they could be in a lot of agony because the sun is too bright or the music is too loud yet they cannot communicate using words to tell you that. The more informed our society is the more understanding and accepting communities can…

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  • Originality In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    Originality is a concept which has changed and evolved over hundreds of years. Indeed, the definition of originality, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as the “ability to think or express oneself in an independent and individual manner” , has not always been so rigid. In the Elizabethan era the concept of originality was not concerned with whose idea was whose. In fact, originality was all about how the idea was portrayed, for instance, whether it was performed on stage or by other…

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  • Malcolm X Challenges

    People who face hard times often find courage and determination in order to overcome their problems. The courage and determination that people find is often something they never thought they had and are taken by surprise when they come across it. If you have the right approach on difficult times, you can use them as a chance to grow as a person, as Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass did in their narratives. “Coming to an Awareness of Language” and “Learning to Read Write” tell the story of…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Hunting Justified?

    Ontiveros 1 Giana Ontiveros Honors English 10 Period 4 13 March 2016 Hunting destroys animals Fingers wrapped around the trigger ready to fire at any moment. One eye looking through the scope observing a brown haired dear with long legs. Passionately waiting for the right moment to fire. “Bang! Bang!” the dear has been shot down and is left with a whole through its chest. For many generations hunting has been a part of people’s lives. Our ancestors hunted so they can feed themselves…

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  • Physical Geography Of South Korea

    In order to better understand a country, its people, and its issues, one must understand key information to provide context. In order to provide context, details concerning the physical geography, political geography, and the human geography are key in attaining the understanding of a country as a whole prior to moving forward in discussing key issues facing that country. The country that will be the focus of this analysis is South Korea. Physical Geography South Korea, a country in East Asia,…

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  • ' One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

    Free at Last… My overall impression of the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is that it was very captivating and interesting. The initial book for the movie was written by Kenneth Kesey, who at the time was a medical guinea pig himself for psychoactive drug testing at the Menlo Park Veterans Hospital, CA. He used the opportunity to interview other patients that were under the influence of those drugs, as well. During his stay at the hospital, he realized that many patients weren’t insane…

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