Tupac Research Paper

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Desta Walters
Mrs. Ranney/Mrs. Salsbury
English 2
20 March 2018
The Notorious Life of Tupac Shakur Ever been inspired by a legend or known a person that’s legendary? Well that’s Tupac Shakur. Tupac is a brilliant and intellectual lyricist. He was and still is a rapper who made history and still is. With his lifestyle and growing up the way he did and the people brought around him made him a soulful, humbled, dedicated and emotional thug and gangster. His words and lyrics gave many people thoughts and their self-conscious was mind blowing. That's how he affected people’s lives through music. He crossed paths with people who made him learn more on loyalty, disloyalty and what realness is. His career, childhood and lifestyle developed him into
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Tupac especially had a devastating childhood. His father was in and out of his life until his mom moved on and got married to an activists. This began Tupac’s poetic ways, his mother and stepfather were participated in the black panther movement. Black panther was a political organization founded and rand by african-americans. Tupac’s mother began to influence him into the culture, like reading articles and books based on political ways and views. He moved to Baltimore and got into loving poetry and especially acting. His mother gave him a way to love reading, words and literature, in a way she educated her son herself. The police, the white man weren’t so happy with the Black Panther movement and the black culture. African-Americans had brought to each other a big influence and to remind each and everyone of each other who they are and that they are equally citizens and humans as well. With that going on it had caused a huge race war for equality. Few years past and the police killed Tupac’s stepfather. After finding out the news, his family specifically his mother fell into depression and started to use drugs as her escape. After making a life for himself in Baltimore, tupac’s mother decided to move to Oakland, California for a new start. It was hard for Shakur, he had fallen in love with his bestest friend who was a girl but knowing he was moving it crushed his dreams and future he …show more content…
Tupac had felt trapped and stuck in a deal he couldn’t find a way out of, and was scared to take action on his boss. He haven’t voiced his opinion, scared that it might come off a certain way to Suge Knight. He was known for having people killed and go missing for any disrespect or disloyalty towards him. His disadvantages in his career was to follow his dreams and complete his legacy as Tupac Shakur. He loved being a rapper but he wanted to level his rank as a boss and Ceo of his own record company and a production company. Speaking to Suge on his decision, he wasn’t to happy about it and he decided to blackmail Tupac. Suge had knew if losing him would be a big loss to his company, music and money. To cover it up, Suge had established another record headquarters in New York and gave Tupac the role of being CEO.With media and publicist it caused many issues including many rappers as ike Snoop Dogg and Biggie

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