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  • Iodometry Lab Report

    This will dissolve and oxidize copper into Cu2+. The solution was then heated to remove the brown NOx fume. This is necessary since NOx acts as an oxidizing agent and will oxidize I in the redox reaction to be observed. When all NOx fume is removed, H2SO4 was added and the solution was heated until white SO3 fumes appear. The addition of H2SO4 will drives off all nitrogen oxide gas that can interfere with…

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  • Sports Agent Of Competency

    An Agent of Competency As children, many young boys and girls watch sports on television with the hopes of one day being the one who is scoring the game winning touchdown, or shooting the game winning shot at the buzzer, or landing the perfect 10 to bring home the gold. Upon growing up, many of these same children realize only a select few will achieve that goal and must look for other ways to earn a living. One career path that can be taken that allows one to be part of the sport they love is…

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  • Artificial Intelligence Downfall

    Artificial Intelligence is growing up fast, as are robots whose facial expressions can cause empathy and make humans mirror neurons shake. Artificial Intelligence will cause a downfall in humanity, because it will eventually put humans out of work, need help with repairing and outsmart natural intelligence. Robots, a product of Artificial Intelligence are becoming more advanced as time goes on and will soon take over the jobs of humans. Artificial Intelligence needs humanity’s help to repair…

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  • The Sarin Gas Attack And The Iran And Iraq War

    com/od/saddamhussein/a/husseincrimes.htm Brief Description of Chemical Weapons, Chemical Weapon as defined by the CWC, CW Agent Group, Persistency Rate of Action. (n.d.). Retrieved November 4, 2013, from Blood agents. (n.d.). Retrieved November 4, 2013, from Sepkowitz, K. (2013, August 26). Sarin, Nitrogen Mustard, Cyanide & More: All About Chemical Weapons.…

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  • Pound Cake Research Paper

    Pound Cake, Patience, Tolerance, Perseverance, & Resiliency Thank you for joining Table Talk with Lawanna sponsored by Progressing through Therapy, In this segment, I will provide how baking a pound cake aided me in developing valuable character traits and values; specifically, patience, tolerance, perseverance, and resiliency. Baking a pound cake is one of the best things that I have produced in my lifetime, so far. I began with a recipe outline not a…

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  • Agent Orange: A Weapon Of Destruction

    Agent Orange: A Weapon of Destruction The infamous Brutus from the play, Julius Caesar, used the idea of the end justifies the means to rationalize his decision to kill Caesar for the greater good of the Roman Republic. This idea had been used by many throughout history to justify their morally wrong actions for the greater good. The United States federal government might have argued that the United States’ involvement in the Vietnam War and dumping more than 11 million gallons of Agent Orange…

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  • Agent Orange: The Perpetual Consequences

    Agent Orange: The Perpetual Consequences Generations of Vietnamese civilians exposed to a perilous chemical: all due to the spraying of an herbicide over Vietnam’s jungles. The Vietnam War was between the Communist North Vietnam and the United States. The conflict became global when Communist-supportive countries began sending reinforcements to the Vietnamese and the United States gained support from its allies. The Viet Cong soldiers knew their jungles by heart and used the plant cover to…

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  • The Importance Of Chemical Warfare

    If they don’t die right away it’s almost inevitable that they will later on since there are many health side effects after being exposed to chemical weapons. Lastly details the effects of chemical weapons on the environment. Agent Orange which is an aggressive herbicide was used in large scale in Vietnam and destroyed over 15% of their vegetation ( Not to mention the health problems caused…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Day I Go Back In America

    Let me go back to when it all began I jolted awake as a blood curdling howl pierced the bitter cold air. What started out as a seemingly relaxed hiking trip turned into 3 days of pure, adreneline driven, survival, when a pack of ravenous, blood-thirsty gray wolves started hunting me. I thought I had lost them when I jumped 3 and a half meters across an almost bottomless ravine going a mile in either direction. I don't know how they caught up to me, but now was not the time to think about…

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  • Baking Sod Rough Draft Body

    chemical leavening agent in baking (Sideman) . This chemical agent is used in bread, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods (Rodino 14). Leavening agents make baked goods rise, which are need to make goodies light and fluffy. Baking soda is a mild alkaline (Westdale 16). Even though baking soda is a chemical leavening agent, not all leavens, another word for leavening agents, are chemicals. Baking soda reacts and activates immediately when it is combined with an acidic agent (Sideman). This…

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