Career Essay: Becoming A Sports Agent

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Becoming a Sports Agent Growing up I always wondered what was my purpose in life. I had a variety of things that I was good at, but nothing that I ever thought I was great at. I enjoyed playing sports growing up, but the statistics of making it to the national leagues was so low that a more reachable goal had to be in store for my future. My cousin once told me “Marquis you are a jack of all trades, but when will you become a king of one?” That immediately resonated with me as I began to think of things I could do that I would love to do for the rest of my life. I knew I loved sports and I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit since the first store I set up in my garage at the age of seven. How could I cross these two loves? I looked up several things I could do in the sports industry, and came across something that catered to my wants and needs: Sports Agency. …show more content…
I often worry about the qualifications it takes to become a good sports agent, but at the specific firm. IMG, they talk about the many fields and degrees they have within the agency. Marketing, communication, law, negotiation experts all excel at the company which gives me many options as an undergrad looking for post graduate schooling. I currently study Business Administration with a concentration in Management because managing these athletes on and off the field is an extensive process. They not only need help as athletes, but also as people who face everyday

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