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  • Bicycle Song

    “Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle. I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle. I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.” High pitched in all its glory—at the top of our lungs—it was “Bicycle Race” by Queen, or The Bicycle Song in the terms of an unknowing five-year-old. It started my morning for three years. Katherina would rock out to and sing this memorable song, even through its fiftieth time, with a joy that few siblings can muster. Sometimes loud, sometimes in a fit of giggles, but…

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  • Hospice: The Day That Changed My Life

    I remembered the fear and worry in my grandmother’s eyes the night before when my grandfather had been admitted to a hospice when he had been suffering from an unusual fever that never subsided, prompting us to call an ambulance. I had never been in this situation before and my anxiety had heightened more than ever. The paramedics clamored over my grandfather, scolding my grandmother for having not called for help sooner, “If you knew that he was in this condition then why did you not call for…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Oprah Winfrey's Speech

    A Feminist Literary Analysis on Oprah Winfrey’s 2018 Golden Globes Speech The 75th Golden Globe Awards, a ceremony that honours achievements in television and film was held on the 7th of January 2018 (Gajanan). In light of the current state of the Hollywood and music industry, the ‘#MeToo’ and ‘Time’s Up’ movements were the main themes of the night which consequently led to the awards ceremony focus on women issues more than ever. The unofficial dress attire for the night was all black to…

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  • The Loop Synagogue

    In the midst of a new era of development in Chicago, the firm Loebl, Schlossman & Bennett was commissioned to reconstruct the Loop Synagogue in 1957 (Figure 1) after the original building was lost to a fire. In order to reflect modern industrial life and provide a functional space within the transitioning city, the synagogue was designed to incorporate contemporary aspects in both the exterior and interior of the building, which is expressed through the materials and the layout. Additionally,…

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  • Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Compare And Contrast Essay

    “Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber and “The Mirror” by Haruki Murakami are both expressed as the struggle of the protagonist’s understanding of their own imagination and the identification of the difference between their thoughts wrapped with illusion and the reality, but having different techniques and messages. James Thurber’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is a book with theme of desire of freedom from the reality where protagonist’s not acknowledge. In the text, the…

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  • Narrative Essay On Walmart

    As a small child, I loved to go to the store with my mom. The long aisles and slick floors presented endless opportunities for fun that I just could not have at home. And that is not even including the shopping carts that my sisters and I used for our grocery store x-games. We rammed into people; had jousting tournaments with the pool noodles; took turns pushing each other as fast as we could go; piled on the end, making my mom grunt and heave to get us around a corner; and, finally, crammed…

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  • Isabella Day Grandmother

    Isabella Isabella, the youngest girl of a family consisting of five brothers and three sisters, a serious and shy girl she didn’t have many friends. Ordinarily she spent her time with her mother helping her around the house. With 5 boys in the home there were innumerable chores to be done. The family was boisterous and active. Wearing his navy work pants and an undershirt, her father, often took off his belt and chased around one of the boys to settle an argument. An uncomfortable atmosphere to…

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  • Cindy Sherman Documentary Photography Analysis

    Fictional and documentary photography There have been many attempts by photographers to challenge the line between reality and fiction. Cindy Sherman is one of the photographers who create images that ignite the speculative relationship between reality and fiction. Through her photography, Cindy Sherman develops a new path where she fosters a visual discourse and opens up a discussion on the power of images and the message that the image communicates to the viewer. In many of her images, Sherman…

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  • Cubism And Reality

    1912 that Braque created what is generally considered to be the first collage where he added pieces of wallpaper to his work, ‘Still-life with Fruit-dish and Glass’. (See Figure 3, pg. 10) The pieces began to include other materials, sand, wood, linoleum and newspaper, as well as imitations of these materials. A piece of wood placed next to an imitation of wood grain further questions the issues of reality. When something can be so accurately reproduced which is the real thing? A piece of…

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  • Normalcy: A Short Story

    No one fits into any rigid mold of normalcy. I think a lot of us walk around thinking other people feel okay, or normal, but they don’t. Trying to fit into whatever ideas we each have of what’s normal or not is uncomfortable and unnatural. Still, it’s one thing to know this on an intellectual level and another thing entirely to internalize it on an emotional level. It’s hard not to want what we think everyone else has, even if, intellectually, we know it’s a mirage. I’m mostly okay with who I…

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