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  • Drinking Coffee Elsewhere Character Analysis

    In the novel, Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by ZZ Packer, multiple lead characters go through an event or change in their life which leads to a loss of innocence. Through physical & mental beatings, sex, rape and teen pregnancy characters develop a hardened and altered character to the one previously know. Characters grow up before our eyes as they move from a sheltered and known life to situations that are both foreign and dangerous. Characters discover the side of the world that is cold,…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Beasts

    Isn't it weird knowing that, you can notice the demons of others, the beast that hangs around you, in fact, even at school, I see people’s own beast’s as I brush past the students and teachers as it hangs on their shoulders, or pulls them by their hair, grasping it so tight, they can’t break free. I notice the ugly beast of depression wearing my friend’s faces thin, the subtle beast of anxiety steer them away from me, the small beast of anger beating on their heads as the beast forces them to…

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  • Short Story Of Howard Danielson's Slaughter House

    His alarm sounded at 5:30am and the shrill sound echoed off the walls of the sparsely furnished apartment. He rolled out of bed and trudged towards the kitchen, the cold linoleum floor feeling uncomfortable under his bare feet. The man wasn’t what you would call good looking. He was slightly overweight with greasy, unkempt hair. His face was round with uneven stubble and little cuts around his jaw and chin. His eyes looked mean and glassy, adding to his…

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  • She's Room: A Narrative Fiction

    patient’s bed, the group of women in white aprons and pink button-up dresses whispered amongst themselves and avoided the gaze of the fuming lead nurse in front of them. Maria yanked the wool blanket off the patient beside her and threw it onto the linoleum floor. “Who admitted this man? He shouldn’t be here.” I rose on my tiptoes, struggling to get a glimpse of the patient. A Naseeri Arab man. Uncovered, he shivered and curled two bony fingers around a handful of bed sheet. His threadbare…

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  • Personal Narrative: Christ Community Church

    When I first came to Dordt as a church shopping freshman, I became excited when I found out about the Church of Christ. Its website made it sound like its theology was the closest to the nondenominational church I grew up in, so I had it in my mind that this was the church I wanted to become a regular member of. One autumn Sunday morning, a friend and I put the address on the website into my GPS and set out. I was convinced that my GPS was malfunctioning when we ended up in the parking lot of a…

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  • Loop Synagogue Case Study

    The 1950’s marked the beginning of an evolution in Chicago architecture, which would be a dramatic contrast to the two previous decades. These earlier years were characterized by stunted architectural growth and reform, and the lack of advancement was largely due to the shortage of funding associated with the Great Depression and World War II. In the midst of this new era of development, architectural firms Loebl and Schlossman & Bennett were commissioned to reconstruct the Loop Synagogue in…

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  • The House On Mango Street Gender Analysis

    The Strength to Rise Above Gender Roles on Mango Street The House on Mango Street, by Sandra Cisneros, is a book about the obstacles Latin women encounter while residing on Mango Street. In their community, males dominate and women are treated as if they are inferior. A woman's merit is placed on her outward appearance, as well as her loyalty to the men in her life. Throughout The House on Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros utilizes the first-person frame of reference, portraying her struggle to…

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  • Winter Break Paragraph

    Working on winter break. What a torturous task to go through. While everyone is at home relaxing and spending time with family you’re working nonstop on your feet and watching the clock until you can leave. I sat down with my Dad and interviewed him about his high school experience. He went on and spoke about how he went to football games,6 flags, and work. Growing up in a lower income neighborhood defined him as a person and made him have a positive outlook on life despite the situation he was…

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  • Danny Frank Monologue

    This person will never learn to be like the rest of us. He has no conscience, he only looks out for himself and is wholly incapable of feeling empathy. It is a sad tale. People like him exist and there is no treatment for it. Most people cannot protect themselves from people like Danny because so few people are like Danny. Conscience is so inherent, so automatic that even when we try to put ourselves first in life we will often look back. We can connect the dots to understand the world around us…

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  • Personal Narrative-Original Word Boy

    Mom dropped me beside the mailbox to wait for the bus. Then dashed across the street and through the woods to surprise Gramps. I’d begged to go, but Dad had insisted that school comes first. Minutes later, the school bus wheezed to a stop. I stepped through the glass doors and found Jacob Sanders an uber Emo kid wearing a vintage tee and dirtied up black chuck Taylors sitting by himself near the front. “What’s up Einstein?” He greeted me the same way every morning. He called me Einstein—formerly…

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