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  • No Confession No Mass Analysis

    No Confession, No Mass by Jennifer Perrine This poetry book is a combination of powerful imagery, evocation, and language. I particularly love the poems because of the way the author juxtaposes gender, issues of everyday living, gender-based violence, and morality. Readers cannot but go to the dark places the author wants to take them. The thin lines between sin/the immoral and virtue/the moral is vividly visible in the poems that deal with virtue and vice. Also, the author employs religion to…

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  • The Big Game: A Short Story

    I had been on pins and needle all day, today was the day. The day of the big game. I was relieved and terrified when the final bell blared. I hurried down the stairs and around the corner, my feet pounding on the purple and white linoleum. “Hey Sarah.” Someone called. I didn’t even attempt to turn around to see who called. I swung open the locker room door to change into my gear and then head off to the field. As I walked down the hill, which lead to the field, I checked my watch it was only…

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  • Keeping Memory Alive Analysis

    Dust, dirt, and wood shavings covered the linoleum that had been laid over manure-covered boards.” The example from the text shows how Japanese-Americans in these camps had horrible living conditions and were treated unfair. During this time Japanese people living in America were seen as the enemy…

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  • John G Anderson Analysis

    John G. Anderson, the youngest son of Walter Anderson, deliberates about the eccentric perspective of the unique beauty in the paintings and craftworks of American watercolorist and ceramicist Walter Inglis Anderson in context of his mental illness. After several months of careful observations and treatments, Walter was diagnosed with self-destructive depression and schizophrenia which led to his strong self-expression of nature as a peaceful escape from irksome responsibilities and duties of…

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  • Animal Protein Research Paper

    the public may consider the pig as predominantly consumed for its meat, pigs play additional vital roles, if not as commonly known, to human life. Aside from meat consumption, pig by-products are vast and range from violin strings, footballs, and linoleum to serving as heart transplant organs, cutting oils, and in the creation of bone china. In the United States, hog production sites, also known as pig farms, are found in nearly every state. However, per the 2012 U.S. Census of Agriculture,…

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  • Symbolism In Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

    Every 100 minutes a teen commits suicide, suicide is the the second leading cause of death in teens. Twenty percent of teens have gone through depression by the time they reach adulthood. This depression can be caused by bullying or not having friends. In the book Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson, the main character is a girl named Melinda who is going through depression because she called the cops on a party, lost all of her friends and is getting bullied for it. The theme in this book is…

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  • Mib's Poppa

    “She sank to the floor looking for the world as if she were staring right through the checkered brown and blue linoleum to behold the burning hot-lava core at the very center of the Earth. “Its Poppa,” Momma said in a chocked voice, as her perfect features stretched and pinched.” Mib’s Poppa falls into a coma and the family is separated when Momma and Rocket go to the Kansas hospital leaving Mississippi in Nebraska. This novel is Mib’s perspective through growing up along with hope, courage, and…

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  • The Importance Of Construction Materials

    materials. After taking a tour both through and around the building, we kept a record of any structural and aesthetic materials that were used. For this report, however, we excluded such typical interior materials such as drop ceiling tiles, drywall, linoleum, et cetera. 3.1 Aesthetic…

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  • Maya Angelou's Speak: Character Analysis

    “By cutting off the damage you make it possible for the tree to grow again. You watch-by the end of summer, this tree will be the strongest on the block” (Anderson 187). A person’s will to continue despite their past problems is what helps them move forward. After experiencing rape, Melinda begins her freshman year being shunned by her friends and detested by the majority of the students at her high school. She faces both inner and outer problems, but continues to grow despite them. Anderson’s…

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  • Personal Narrative-Not-If-Get-This House

    taking Logan and I to go see it again. It doesn’t really have much for climbing trees in the yard. I don’t fancy it all that much. As we go inside, everything my parents say is true. It’s got oodles of tile, one random room of laminate, some linoleum in the kitchen, and only a sliver of carpet, but it’s so small and far between. In essence, the whole place is tiled. That looks hard to take out, I think. Right in your face as you walk in, there is a beige wall. (There are a lot of…

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