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  • Character Analysis: Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

    In the book Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor, Stacey Logan is trying to figure out who should be a better friend, TJ, or Jeremy. Stacey should be friends with Jeremy because T.J. lies constantly, doesn’t take responsibility for his actions, and he takes advantage of others. First of all, it can be true that Jeremy may not be trustworthy. But, it is easy to recall that TJ can be caught lying multiple times throughout the book. The text states, “When we got outside. T.J.…

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  • John Mill Why We Lie Analysis

    There are various reasons why people lie, some people lie to hide information and avoid harming their loved ones even though it is more likely to bring consequences that might not be reversible. Humans by nature are scared of being judged, feeling shame, or feel some type of rejection for being who they are or by having certain believes; most of the time all we want to do is impress and make our loved ones proud of who we are. Other people lie because they feel like it is giving up control,…

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  • Theme, Symbols, And Themes In The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne

    The Scarlet Letter is an intriguing book that shows you how one event in your life can make you look like a plague or unappealing. It also shows how hypocritical people can be. Throughout most of the book the people sin, but they assume it’s alright since Hester’s is worse. This helps develop the story, symbols, and theme that is displayed throughout the book. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote The Scarlet Letter using a descriptive, narrative style. Hawthorne chose this style to intricately explain a…

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  • On Truth-Telling By Sissela Bok Analysis

    Most people have trouble distinguishing deceit from lying. Both are prevalent today, whether the intent is there or not. Deception is the intent to mislead when the truth is known, whereas lying attempts to avoid the harm of what the truth may inflict upon themselves. Sissela Bok’s “On Truth-Telling” is a prime reading that showcases greed for power that happens in modern-day life. Through this selection, Bok outlines scenarios where deception is practiced for gain or lying is used to spare the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Frankenstein And The Secret Life Of Secrets Essay

    Secrets and lies exist throughout people's day-to-day lives. Although secrets can be a simple as white lies, often secrets can be dangerous and pose risk to both secret keeper and those around them. In both "The Secret Life of Secrets" by Alan Burdick and "The Danger of Keeping Secrets" by Alex Lickerman, the articles emphasize the potential physical and psychological impacts of keeping secrets. Throughout Macbeth by Shakespeare and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the protagonists keep secrets…

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  • Similarities Between The Tale Tell Heart And The Cask Of Amontillado

    The Reliability of a Murderer The narrators in both “The Tale-Tell Heart” and “The Cask of Amontillado” are very unreliable. The narrators, in addition to being murderers, lie to both the reader and the other characters in the story. Due to the information about the narrators’ states of mind and ability to lie given in both stories, the readers of the stories should not accept what the narrator describes. Most people who commit murders or other horrific acts have a form of mental disability that…

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  • What Is Space A Memoir Analysis

    I’d been a saint compared to them. Me, I’d only smoked pot that one time with Mark Kish to get even with my sister. I’d never even thought of doing most of this stuff. It was embarrassing. I didn 't talk at all that first meeting. Then, I started to lie.” (232) To become “cool” like everyone else she decides that if she did things or “said” she did these things that people would think twice about her. Everybody genuinely believe this is the truth, if they want to or not, and will do the same…

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  • Transients In Arcadia Analysis

    All that glisters is not gold: Often have you heard that told. In the short story “Transients in Arcadia” by “O Henry”, it is demonstrated through character and tropology that appearances are often misused to decipher a person’s social standing and standards; therefore, being judgemental mostly costs a price of being unaware of the truth. Firstly, appearances are often deceptive and they let a person believe on a false perspective which is temporary, yet all the temporary things have to leave…

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  • Rhetoric And Persuasion

    rhetoric is the art of getting people to lie to themselves through the art of persuasion. In carrying out the act of persuasion, the target audience of the rhetorician is required to willingly participate in the process. If there was no willing participation, the rhetorician could not succeed in persuasion. The target audience is actively engaged in the process of persuasion because the audience’s own nature. For the rhetorician to persuade, he does not have to lie to the target. Indeed, the…

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  • Analysis: The Right Time To Lie To Parents

    The right time to lie to parents. Shante Stone-Hill Adler Graduate School The right time to lie to parents In the article, The Right to Do Wrong: Lying to Parents among Adolescents and emerging adults, Jensen et al. (2004) conducted a research study that focused on adolescents and emerging adults lying to parents and the reasons behind the decision to lie. Jensen et al, separated children lying into categories to begin to address possible core factors. Categories such as, developmental,…

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