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  • Looking At The Bank's Balance Sheet Case Study

    494. This is unfavorable because borrowed funds tend to be very costly. Other liabilities grew throughout the year; on 3/31/19, other liabilities was at 24.426, but at the end on 12/31/19 it was at 28.973. This increase means…

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  • Financial Ratios In Health Care

    ratio for comparison. In addition, the key number can be found on the balance sheet which entails total assets or total equities, liabilities, and net assets together. The calculations are to be completed for the ratio pertaining to the asset to the balance sheet for comparison. Then, for each ratio can be calculated for each liability and net asset to link to total liabilities and net assets. According to (Finkler, S.A., Ward, D.M. & Calabrese, I.D., 2013), once you have calculated the common…

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  • Personal Accounting Case Study

    least statement , is the Balance Sheet . As suggested by its name , the balance sheet statement’s primary purpose is to make sure that all assets ( things that can be used to create income , store wealth and value ) balance out with the sum of liabilities ( debts that can be utilized to create assets ) and equities ( One’s net worth) ( Siegel &Yacht, 2009 ) . For instance , if my…

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  • Case Study: Kroger Company

    FACTORS: Statement “The Risk Assessment Standards establish standards and provide guidance concerning the auditor’s assessment of the risks of material misstatement in a financial statement audit and the design and performance of audit procedures whose nature, timing, and extent are responsive to the assessed risks.” (Risk Assessment, 2017). An auditor doing a risk assessment would look at materiality, results from previous audits both internal and externa, data sources, among others and the…

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  • Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods Case Study

    | Total liabilities and stockholders' equity | $1,000,000 | $1,300,000 | $1,894,000 | | | | | | Exhibit 3 | Selected Industry Ratios | | | 200X | 200Y | 200Z | | Growth in sales | ----- | 9.98% | 10.02% |…

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  • Viacom Growth Strategy

    their deferred taxes-credit was 223 million, a full 600 million less than it had been in 2011. Likewise, their deferred taxes-debit decreased more than 700 million, totaling just 45 million in 2015. Another decrease the balance sheet displays, is liabilities and shareholders equity. It reached a meager 22.22 billion in 2015, the first time it had dipped below 23 billion in the past years. The common equity of Viacom dropped more than five billion dollars, accumulating just 3.54 billion.…

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  • Motorola Liability

    2.1.2 Liquidity Google Inc. has minimal liabilities mainly related to payables, short-term debt, accrued expenses, and securities payables. It was able to cover its current liabilities obligations using current assets at a rate of 5.90 times in 2014. The measurement reduced to 4.22 times coverage in 2012 as the level of short-term debt and accrued expenses/liabilities rose substantially. The most liquid measurement of quick ratio was also above 1:1 at 5.90 times coverage in 2011 and 4.18 times…

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  • Vicarious Liability

    Student No. 190824 Veg v. Duncan and News Vicarious Liability rest on a special relationship between the tort feasor and the person to whom the tortious conduct is imputed. Here, News may be found vicariously liable for actions of Duncan. Duncan is a reporter for News. News will be, at least, vicarious liable under a Respondent Superior Relationship. the scope of his employment. WRONGFUL INVASION OF PRIVACY Commercial Appropriation. Unauthorized use of plaintiffs name or likeness for a…

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  • Netflix Trend Analysis Paper

    The MD&A section of the financial statement were consistent with my research results. Netflix is an emergent company that is attempting to expand their services worldwide. With this expansion comes an internal growth within the company, but it also come with a rise of costs within the operation that is becoming dangerous for Netflix. This is illustrated in Netflix’s financial reports. You can clearly see the growth of Netflix in their balance sheet. Every year their total assets grow at least…

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  • Sony Balance Sheet Analysis

    BALANCE SHEET ANALYSIS SECURITIES, INVESTMENTS, AND OTHER Securities, Investments, and Other 2016 2015 2014 2013 Change Balance Sheet 9,069,209 8,360,290 7,737,748 7,118,504 1,950,705 Vertical Analysis 54.69% 52.80% 50.46% 50.09% 4.30% Horizontal Analysis 127.40% 117.44% 108.70% 100.00% 27.40% When looking at the vertical analysis of Sony’s balance sheets, the biggest change is in securities, investments, and other, which encompasses the company’s investments, as well as their sales and…

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