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  • Pros And Cons Of Limited Liability Company

    LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY Like a corporation, a limited liability company upholds limited liability features. It also ensures pass-through taxation and flexibility of partnerships in its operations LLC owners are referred to us ‘members’. A member can be a single person (owner), two or more persons, corporations and other LLCs The LLC members file federal tax return for facilitation of taxes unlike shareholders of corporations. This is due to the fact that LLCs are not regarded as separate…

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  • Sole Proprietorship, Corporation And Limited Liability Company

    There are many different types of business to consider when an individual starts their own business. The three main types are a Sole Proprietorship, Corporation and a Limited Liability Company. There are also many areas of business that an individual could pursue. Personally, if I could open my dream business it would be an equine (horse) boarding business ran by my husband and I. This business would involve the boarding of horses for extended periods, giving them quality care while their…

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  • Competitive Advantage Of Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    Corporation is a business separated from its owners. Corporations can enter contracts, loan and borrow money, sue and be sued, hire employees, own assets and pay taxes. Advantages of a corporation is it is a limited liability that protects owners from losing more than they invest. The business can achieve large sizes due to marketability of stocks. It receives certain tax advantages. Has greater access to financial resources allows growth within the company. Attracts employees with specialized…

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  • Limited Liability Company, LLC: Case Study

    current economic environment the best option for the formation of her company is that of a Limited Liability Company, or LLC. This is because it offers the pass-through tax status and the safety of liability protection of a corporation. This would allow her to only be taxed once like a sole propriety or a partnership, which helps small-business owners keep their earnings. However, remove the personal liability as any action against the business can only act against the business and not Shania…

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  • Analysis Of Power Hour Fitness: Limited Liability Company

    1.0 Company Description 1.1 Legal Form of Business Power Hour Fitness will be a Limited Liability Company (LLC) consisting of three members, Nicole Bauman, Salena Kreitler, and Kelsey Schmidt. This form of business will provide a great advantage for Power Hour Fitness as it is a hybrid of certain features of a corporation and a partnership. As a Limited Liability Company, the three associates avoid major risks such as within a partnership where partners are responsible for all debts. Instead,…

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  • Examples Of Liability And Liability In Healthcare

    This paper will discuss liability and negligence in the healthcare field as well as negligence issue in the healthcare field. Liability is defined as a potential for a lawsuit (Dunn 114). Liability can be found just about anywhere and is a concerning area in today’s age. Healthcare workers are very familiar to this word and been familiarized throughout their careers with this word. I can’t be a scary thing to think about in this field the potential to be sued from an employee level all the way…

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  • Definition And Calculation Of Financial Ratio Analysis: Financial Analysis

    It has risen from 2.19218122 to 1.66666667 from year 2016 to 2017. The ratio is rising which is indicator that current assets are efficiently use to generate sales. Current Ratio: Current ratio is falling which is not good indicator as current liabilities are increasing. Acid-Test Ratio: It is also an indication of liquidity. Its falling is indicates high difference between current ratio and acid-test ratio indicates a high value inventory in stock. Gearing Ratio: Gearing ratio is decreasing…

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  • Liability In Prisons

    When the topic of legal liability in prisons came up in this class, I also found it very interesting and still struggle with what I think is the best way to handle it. I agree that it is a difficult topic to navigate because there many factors at play. As you mentioned, it is important the people running the prisons are held accountable for their treatment of prisoners and at the same time, I think about how prisoners are incarcerated for committing a crime against society (as we've seen this…

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  • Company Case Study: Pearson Air Conditioning And Service

    Pearson Air & Conditioning services financed its operations mostly through debt. Its total liabilities (both current and long term) were $136,211 compared to stockholders’ equity of $126,625. The company might be able to reduce its bank loans by reducing its inventory levels, its cash balance, and speeding up the collection of its credit sales. Currently…

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  • Personal Finance Tool

    Now minus the Total Liabilities from the Total Assets When a business gets a negative number they have to increase their income, cut expenses, or borrow money to stay operational. With personal finance, the outcome is the same, except borrowing more money should not be one…

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