Lateral flow test

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  • Maturity Matching Approach To Working Capital Management

    Assignment 2: Question 2 Working capital management looks at the relationship between a firm's short-term assets and its short-term liabilities. The main goal of working capital management is to ensure that a firm has adequate cash flow for their operations and has the most productive use of their resources. Net working capital is the excess of current assets over current liabilities. Since current assets can be financed by either current liabilities or long term funds, the excess of current…

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  • Soufriere Hills Volcano Analysis

    Hills Volcano will be analyzes in several different parts; an introduction to the Soufriere Hills volcano, the composition of the magma and lava in the volcano, other characteristics of the magma and lava, ash production from eruptions, pyroclastic flows, volcanic activity before the 1995 eruption, the 1995 eruption, cyclic activity within the volcano, and potential hazards of the Soufriere Hills volcano. Soufriere Hills volcano is located in the south central part of the British overseas…

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  • Inside Job By Charles H. Ferguson: Documentary Analysis

    In today’s financial world, there is one ultimate driving factor, and that is money. Money is the ultimate driving factor in the financial world. Many individuals working within the financial sector get influenced by the idea that making profit is the main priority regardless of the costs that could be incurred. One of the biggest cost that can be incurred is deregulation. The issue of deregulation has caused a divide amongst society. Many push for regulation because they fear that risky actions…

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  • Laser Tube Cutter Case Summary

    PRECISION STEEL FABRICATION Equipment Purchase Decision – Lase Tube Cutter Business Case Tejaswi Pinninti (TPINNI6348) Executive Summary: The Primary issue that is faced by Precision Steel Fabricators (PSF) in this case involves whether we should be purchasing a new industrial laser tube cutter or should we continue using the same equipment’s that are being used currently. The final decision is on the hands of Tripper Hawthorne, the CEO of the company. The in-depth…

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  • A2 Milk: Case Study Questions And Answers

    Question 1: A. In evaluating a company should an investor rely more on accounting profits or cash flow An investor should give his or her decisions basing on a statement of cash flows because: The greatest difference between profits and cash flows is that profits data use accrual accounting, while cash flows base on real figures. Precisely, profit data will be recorded in the current period regardless of a company received money or not. Meanwhile, the other expenses such as wages, interest and…

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  • Why Is Executive Compensation Important

    1. Why is executive compensation important? How does it relate to a company’s values? Executive compensations hold importance because executives have a wide range of responsibilities and need to have incentive to perform for the company as well as their shareholders. If these executives are not correctly compensated they will have less motivation to lead the company in a correct manner. This also reflects on the company’s values because the way they incentivize their executives sets a tone…

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  • Atrium Fire Case Study

    created and flooding flow will occur in the atrium, too. In other hand, if the cross sectional area of the atrium is high and the HRR of fire is small, smoke column will not create in the atrium and floding flow will not occur to vent smoke. Figure ‎2.8 Flow at the early stage of adjacent floor fire[13]. Table ‎2.4 Conditions of each simulation [13]. By watching the calculation results dynamic display, then the time and location of the flooding flow can be obtained.Floding flow did not occur…

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  • Mountain Mining Case

    offset by the potential savings. The underlying difference, which is $19,692,249 would be our bottom line purchase price, or namely walk-away point. There are clearly underlying risks with a project at such scales. To test our assumptions, we completed a series of sensitivity tests. We first tested the risks associated with additional duration of short-term and long-term costs. We concluded that Can-Do’s exposure to duration risks is material. For each additional added to short-term…

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  • Financial Expansion Analysis Summary: Mel & Bud Inc.

    purchase new equipment to increase the company’s printing capabilities. Additionally, capital budgeting occurs in three steps, finding the required rate of return via the weighted average cost of capital (WACC), calculating relevant cash flows, and analyzing the cash flows through capital budgeting tools such as the net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR) (Colorado State University-Global Campus, 2017). Once these steps are completed, the potential financial…

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  • Case Study: X-Opoly, Inc.

    X-Opoly, Inc. is a company that was started by two college freshman who based a real estate board game on the essentials of Monopoly®. The board game was originally modeled on local popular landmarks surrounding the college. With X-Opoly’s ability to design and produce custom real estate trading games for universities, municipalities, chambers of commerce, and businesses, their venture was huge success. So, upon graduation they decided to run the company full time. Orders varied between a few…

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