Personal Narrative-Paid Analysis

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My mind was never sitting, it was always on the run. I was only in first grade and I never had my attention on what was needed. Both my teachers and parents thought this was normal for such a young child. No matter how much they tried to tie down my mind, it would always rip through the rope and start running again. It was any normal school day, but the school had to take a huge test called the NWEA. I don't remember how I was feeling during the test, but I guess that doesn't matter. My test scores told it for me. My results on the quiz made something seem REALLY out of place. I had only scored a 2% on the test. Even if I guessed on every question I would’ve done better. This obviously wasn't right, and both my parents and teachers knew it. They weren't gonna let this go without taking action. They were all pretty confused, I would guess. Soon …show more content…
My teachers agreed also. I don't know what happened when I got tested, I'm guessing it was pretty simple. My mom says she was eager for results, I would be too. I don't know how long they waited for answers. Both my parents and teachers wanted to know as soon as possible, so they could take action.
The results finally came in. It was just as everyone thought, ADHD. I knew they weren't surprised. That explains why I did worse than just fail. I don't remember what other things I was focused on, while taking the test. It was probably everything else. Now they weren't gonna stop at just knowing I had ADHD. They wanted to try and at least hold it down enough, so my mind would at least take a break from running.
My parents talked to the doctor and put me on medicine. It was called Strattera. Now this was a very new thing to me. At the time I honestly wasn't fond of the idea. Thought my parents were trying to change me. Though I found out it did help me pay attention much better. To test that theory, they made me take the test

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