Personal Narrative: My Test In Health Science Class

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As I was laying in my bed, I knew something was not right. When I looked at my alarm clock, I realized that I overslept an hour. I jumped out of bed to quickly get ready for school. By then I knew that this would be one of the longest days of my life. I never thought as I walked out of my house that morning that I would be scared to come back through it that afternoon.
I walked through the doors with my best friend as the warning bell was ringing. Audri said, “I forgot about my test in Economics. I hope it’s not too hard.” My heart dropped when she said that because I realized that I had forgotten about my medical terminology test in Health Science class. My heart began to race. I had never forgotten to study before so this feeling was new
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I looked around to see if anyone was watching and slid the cards out from under my leg. I thought the coast was clear so I started using them to answer the questions.
I was almost finished when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I had been caught. In that moment I could have burst into tears in that moment. Mrs. Herd asked for my cards and my test, and she went back to her desk. I was disgusted with myself. Not only did I disappoint myself but I also disappointed one of my favorite teachers. She came back to my desk, handed me the write-up sheet and told me to take it to the office.
I silently slipped into the vacant principal’s office and placed the sheet on her desk. I then went back to class and participated because this was my fault, and I couldn’t be mad at anyone besides myself.
Later that day, I was called to the office. I was told I would have ISS for one block on the next day of school. I was terrified; I had never been to ISS.
Mrs. Herd called me into her room just after that to talk about what had happened. I was so nervous to face her, but I knew exactly what I was going to do.
I walked in. She explained that she had already called my dad to explain what had happened. What she said next shocked me. She said, “I’m very proud of you,

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