Kepler Mission

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  • The Kepler Spacecraft: The Huble Space Telescope

    The Kepler Spacecraft For centuries, humankind was unable to distinguish whether exoplanets were rare or common in the galaxy. It was nearly impossible to capture the individual signals being emitted from distant planets such as reduced brilliance when the planet passes in front of its parent star without some type of space telescope. Thus, in March 2009, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), launched the Kepler spacecraft. The primary mission of this new instrument was to investigate the diversity and structure of planetary systems. The spacecraft moves in a slightly slower, Earth-trailing orbit in order to ensure that it did not interfere with the region of the sky it was observing. The success of the Kepler has helped…

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  • Patient Care Assistant Interview Essay

    Question 1: We understand you are probably applying to multiple medical schools. Please explain your reasons for applying to the Carver College of Medicine. My initial curiosity was sparked a year ago, when I received an email from the Director of Admissions in regards to the minority recruitment program. After reading various reviews and what this school stood for, I was sold. The welcoming environment and passion to serve others aligns with my internal values of seeing a brighter tomorrow. As…

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  • Christian Mission Purpose

    The Purpose, Plan, and Development of Missions. Why is so much time devoted to missions within the history of the Christian Church? From the days of Philip traveling to Samaria, to Augustin sailing for Britain, to Carey ministering in India the push for evangelism has dominated the Church and rightly so. The Christianity has grown to the largest religious group in the world since those 120 Spirit-filled believers at Pentecost. The driving principle behind this massive growth was not awesome…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Engaging In Missions

    engaging in missions using the lens of reason, with a brief overview of two other lenses: Tradition and experience. I will present ideas from the perspectives of my father, a missionary and my granduncle, the Right Reverend Datuk Bolly Lapok. Also I will share my experience of dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Depression through poetry and spoken word and how those platforms impacted many who come across them. The key voices in this essay are Graham Tomlin, Stephen…

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  • Religion And Cults Analysis

    Is there a God who protects the humans? Many people believe that the world and everything on it was created by a God that gives blesses, and he has to be worshipped. However, others believe that people who needs a God do not know how to solve their problems. In the "Religion and Cults" (2011), Hayward focuses his attention on the consequences of beliefs. Hayward analysis the term cult, some christian anthropological questions, and the christian mission and cultures. In "Religion and Cults,"…

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  • Influences On The Relationship Between Christianity And China

    God’s commands and blessings came together. Abraham obeyed God’s command to leave his own country to a land he did not know. He and his descendants’ journey was full of uncertainty and challenges, but God’s command and promise led them step by step, generation to generation to see the glory of God. Christian Mission is like the journey to the Promised Land. In Matthew 28, Jesus commanded the disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the…

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  • Babylonian Religion

    paradise but God was not caught off guard. God had a plan to reach a people dying from sin and that plan was Missions. So God sent the first missionary. The missionary did all the things missionaries do, he preached, taught, and he prayed for people and they were healed. Often as the missionary was out in public people would flock to him. Quickly he would be surrounded by a large group of people who would be eager to hear what he had to say. By now I 'm sure you 've guessed who the missionary…

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  • Mission Trip To Christianity

    A short-term mission trip is a good start for Christians to make friends with interreligious or intercultural friends. It also prepare the participants to know missionary work better. However, there is a “marked divide between scholars and practitioners, between missiology and short-term mission.” Problems may happen like our mission trip to Maine. Fortunately, though some of the team members were not happy on that day, they forgot about it quickly. Since missionary work requires…

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  • Oldcastle Precast Mid-Atlantic Group: Case Study

    Oldcastle Precast Mid-Atlantic Group is making change possible by raising donations and volunteering their time at the Allentown Rescue Mission, which aids and feeds the homeless, provides emergency shelter, and offers programs to aid the homeless transition to being productive members of society. These services provide rehabilitation and restoration for people in crisis. On October 15th, 2016, employees from Oldcastle Precast Mid-Atlantic volunteered to help prepare the dinner, assist the…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Lifeline Christian Mission

    slideshow of scenes showing desolate landscapes and impoverished communities. On screen, a mother held her starving child and a group of girls in mismatched clothes gathered water from a muddy well. We watched a presentation given to us before the service event and listened to the instructor as he described the conditions in other countries. He showed us photos of the people we would be helping during the mission, communities that were in desperate need of donations, supplies, and most…

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