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  • Potassium Permanganate Test Lab Report

    of the change of the groups that are attached to specific inorganic ions (such as Ce4+). The Chromic Acid test results positive for primary or secondary alcohols or aldehydes. Primary alcohols will be oxidized to aldehydes and aldehydes are oxidized to carboxylic acids. Secondary alcohols will be oxidized to ketones. However, tertiary alcohols will not be oxidized. The oxidization is done through the addition of the alcohol oxygen to chromium, and the removal of a proton from the carbon by a base (in this case water), which will break the O-Cr bond and form a new π bond. The DNPH test confirms the presence or absence of an aldehyde or ketone. It is a condensation reaction, where two molecules are joined together and water is removed. It reacts with the carbonyl group of aldehydes and ketones. The Ion Chloride test results positive in the presence of phenols. In this reaction, the phenols complexes with the iron ion, Fe3+, as demonstrated below: The Iodoform test identifies if the compound is an acetaldehyde or a methyl ketone. A visible precipitate of this compound will form only when either an acetaldehyde or a methyl ketone is present. The methyl group of the ketone or aldehyde is removed from the molecule and iodoform (CHI3) which is insoluble in water, is produced. The Potassium Permanganate test identifies the presence or absence of an aldehyde, alkene, or phenol. Dihydroxyl phenols are oxidized to quinones. Aldehydes will be oxidized to carboxylic acids, and alkenes…

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  • N-Butanol Essay

    alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, esters, nitriles, and amides. If the unknown remained insoluble with water it was combined with a 5% Hydrochloric acid solution to further determine its solubility: if the unknown was found soluble in that solution it was classified as either B or MN. If insoluble there was a two part test that needed to occur. First the solution was added to a 96% sulfuric acid solution to determine its solubility. If the unknown was insoluble with the addition of the sulfuric…

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  • Exogenous Ketone

    Effects of Exogenous Ketone Supplementation by Shannon Kesl, et al. Background on Ketosis: Ketosis is the state of regularly producing ketones, from using the body's fat reserves for fuel, instead of glucose. When glucose or glycogen is not available, because of diet, fasting or metabolic deficiency (like diabetes) the body will break down protein (amino acids) and (in the long term) break down fats for fuel. This fat break down releases ketones-- a carboxyl (Carbon-Oxygen) group bound to…

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  • Raspberry Ketones Essay

    Raspberry ketones are solid supplements got from the heavenly raspberries found in most basic supply walkway. You may not get enough of these berries to accomplish their full effect. As indicated by examination discoveries, it could take around 90 pounds of these berries to create the full advantages got from supplements. The red raspberry ketone is one of the numerous raspberry exacerbates that are in charge of giving the raspberries an exceptional scent. Like other well known leafy foods, the…

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  • Reflection Of Aldehydes And Ketones

    REACTIONS OF ALDEHYDES AND KETONES ABSTRACT The difference between aldehydes and ketones is by having a hydrogen atom attached to the carbonyl group. This makes the aldehydes very easy to oxidize. Ketones do not have that hydrogen atom and are resistant to oxidation. They are only oxidized by powerful oxidizing agents which have the ability to break the carbon-carbon bonds. This report is about the reactions of aldehydes and ketones. This was done to determine how they react when different…

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  • Raspberry Ketone Essay

    Raspberry Ketones - Not Just For Weight Loss Raspberry Ketones are not new and not just for the popular Weight Loss! Raspberries have been used for medical purposes since 1597. Diseases such as diabetes have been treated with Raspberry leaves. High fevers and many different kinds of pains have been treated as well. Raspberry Ketones even though they have been proven to effectively promote weight loss they have many health benefits that have not been talked about. Raspberry Ketones actually…

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  • Misconceptions About Ketones

    Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Marcus J Michael The break down of body fat into fatty acids has as one of its side effects the formation of what is known as ketones. These acidic by-products of fat metabolism have the tendency of raising the body's acidity level when they accumulate in the bloodstream and can degenerate into…

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  • Raspberry Ketones Research Paper

    Can Raspberry Ketones Do More Than Help You Lose Weight? What Are Raspberry Ketones? In the event that you like raspberries, then you are good fortune. You are as of now getting raspberry Ketones as a component of your eating regimen, yet not the slightest bit are you sufficiently inspiring to do much else besides tickle your taste buds. It truly takes bushels of raspberries with the end goal you should get any sort of medical advantage from this organic product, so finding a raspberry…

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  • Exogenous Ketones Research Paper

    They say that when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Well, Exogenous Ketones are the exception that prove that rule. While the benefits of Exogenous Ketones may sound too good to be true, they’re very real, and very powerful. From increased cognitive capacity to fast-acting weigh loss to enhanced athletic abilities, the results of Exogenous Ketones speak for themselves, humming a tune that’s too sweet to ignore. Of course, to reap the benefits of Exogenous Ketones, it’s…

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  • Raspberry Ketone Research Paper

    Raspberry Ketones - Not Only for Weight reduction Raspberry Ketones are not new and not only for the prominent Weight reduction! Raspberries have been utilized for therapeutic purposes subsequent to 1597. Maladies, for example, diabetes have been treated with Raspberry clears out. High fevers and various sorts of agonies have been dealt with too. Raspberry Ketones despite the fact that they have been demonstrated to viably advance weight reduction they have numerous medical advantages that have…

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