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  • Similarities Between Frankenstein And Dorian Gray

    Mary Shelley and Oscar Wilde truly portray Dr.Frankenstein in Frankenstein and Lord Henry in The Picture of Dorian Gray as monsters as opposed to the monster and Dorian Gray. Not only do each of these Romantic literary writings provide themes of imagination, intuition, inspiration ,and idealism, but they also present flaws in society which are exhibited in the creators and in turn are found in each of their creations. Dr.Frankenstein and Lord Henry lack the moral responsibility for their…

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  • Chapter Analysis Of Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

    Frankenstein Frankenstein is a novel written by Mary Shelley. In it the author tries to prove that knowledge can be dangerous. On the example of Frankenstein’s fate Shelly explains that it is not always right to cross the boundaries and to go beyond human knowledge. So, the story mainly focuses on the two characters: Victor Frankenstein and the monster. Thus, since childhood Frankenstein was interested in science and human nature. He was spending hours in the laboratory conducting experiments.…

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  • Renewal In The Awakening: An Analysis

    Doctorow’s The Book of Daniel, Chopin’s The Awakening, and Coates’s Between the World and Me are novels which collectively focus on the re-invention of aspects of spiritual and psychological renewal. Moreover, the main characters in each of these stories are depicted as “aliens” or individuals who are isolated and struggle to explore their sense of self in repressive societies. Daniel (the psychic alien), Edna (the gender alien), and Coates (the racial alien) indeed each confront unique overt…

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  • Parental Negligence In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    A common reading of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” is that it is a cautionary story about the dangers of going too far with science and meddling with what one does not understand. The novel does deal with themes of negligence and lack of care, but not necessarily in the arena of science itself. Rather, the novel uses the story of Victor, a figure who is at once a mother and a father, to display themes of parental negligence and the negative outcomes that this produces in the child. However, this…

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  • The Killer Angels Summary

    The novel “The Killer Angels”, written by Michael Shaara, tells about the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the most pivotal conflict during the American Civil War. It is common knowledge that Confederate General Robert E. Lee led his army of 70,000 to the small town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania after gaining a victory against Union forces at Chancellorsville, Virginia. He believed that with a recent win his troops were ready to attack and defeat the North. The battle took place from July 1 to July 3…

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  • Spreading The American Dream By Emily Rosenberg: Chapter Analysis

    The first chapter of Spreading the American Dream by Emily Rosenberg focuses mainly on the American economic and cultural expansion of 1890 to 1945, with the help of liberal-developmentalism. Rosenberg opens up the chapter discussing the Columbian exposition in Chicago of 1893, and provides multiple examples of how it displayed America’s progressive advancements. The exhibitors of the exposition proudly displayed all the wonderful advancements the country had made so far, flaunting America’s…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between Hamilton And Thomas Jefferson

    Political Juggernauts: Power vs. Freedom The environment around us has a profound effect as we age from adolescents to adulthood because of the subtle lessons we learn in life. Two historical figures almost everyone has heard of, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, were both early American political figures that wanted to make the country distinguished, but in remarkably different ways. These two individuals were differing fundamentalists of government which instigated them to form the…

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  • Andrew Jackson Road To War

    Jackson went through everything alone in his life mostly because his parents not being with him and his brothers dying.” Since both of his parents died when he was still quite young, he had little opportunity to learn about his heritage” (par 1, Genealogy). Andrew Jackson was the 17th president of the United States he was born in March 15, 1767 near Lancaster, southern Carolina.” The battles of the American Revolutionary War that raged in the Carolinas from 1778 to 1781 had a devastating effect…

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  • Robert Yates Letter Analysis

    Robert Yates wrote a letter to the federal congress concerning the freedom of people’s rights being stifled by the relatively small amount of representatives that are elected. He believed this form of organization would eventually lead to a tyrannical or monarchal government. Robert Yates was born January 17,1738 in Schenectady, New York and became a figure who was known for his views on the rights of the people. He studied law in New York with William Livingston and became admitted to the New…

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  • Summary Of From The Art Of Fiction

    For anyone who writes, there is always a question of whether or not the end product is any good. In “From The Art of Fiction,” American writer Henry James implies that the secret to good writing is to infuse it with experience, whether vast or limited, authentic or cultivated through imagination. James reiterates that the writer’s process of gaining inspirational experience is never complete. Furthermore, he affirms that genius lies within the writer’s ability to openly collect experiences,…

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