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  • Jules Verne's Journey

    Introduction “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne is a novel that truly dives the reader into the center of the earth through striking portrayals, itemized clarifications, and the "eye witnessed" records of the storyteller. On the most fundamental level, Journey is an experience story, a story of the hindrances, experiences, and ponders. The unpredictable researcher Professor Hardwigg discovers headings to the center of the earth in an old book and sets out, alongside his nephew…

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  • Analysis Of Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus By Mary Shelley

    Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus, a gothic romantic novel written by Mary Shelley in 1817 as a horror story to win a contest between her husband, Percy Shelley and their friend Lord Byron and published in 1818, is about a scientist named Victor Frankenstein, who in his attempt to be God, wants to create a new species of human but soon learns from losing his brother, best friend and wife to his creation, that this endeavor for glory was not as he expected. The focus of this paper is if the…

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  • Dr. Mengele: The Real Monster

    Frankenstein, Freddy Kruger, the Blob, Godzilla, the bogeyman are all fictional monsters that have haunted humanity for generations, known for the terror they spread. Unfortunately, not all monsters are fictional; there are even some masquerading as humans that show no humanity or compassion. Second only to Hitler himself, Dr. Joseph Mengele is the most notorious monster since the last millennium. Dr. Mengele performed a myriad of horrid experiments in the hops of not only creating the perfect…

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  • Mental Illness In The Professor And The Madman

    masterminds behind the Oxford English Dictionary’s long process and shocking creation story. The main character, Doctor William Minor, is a mentally ill man who is locked away in an asylum for murder. He offers his knowledge and love of literature to James Murry, the professor, to assist with the dictionary. Simon Winchester uses a candid and honest tone to relay the subject and bring awareness to a mental illness. As the novel begins, the authors tone relays…

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  • Ulysses And Proteus

    The Land and the sea James Joyce one of Irelands greatest writers considered his characters as ways of the reader seeing the world from a different perspective. In The Proteus chapter in Ulysses and in Dubliners Joyce questions the land and the sea and represents Irish life in his work. The idea of the sea against the land as some sort of border can be seen through Joyce’s characters Evelyn in Dubliners and Stephen in Proteus.(Joyce, Ulysses) The paralysis of Irish life is contemplated in…

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  • Beauty And Sparrow In Twelfth Night

    Beauty and The Beast remake. There are 2 people: Steel is a young prince who has been turned into a monster for his actions while Sparrow is a young girl who has issues fitting in. Act 0 The prologue Steel is a young man. He was blessed with everything. He had a castle. He had the mulla. He had everything. However despite that he was very unkind. One day he was having a party dancing with his servants. One day an enchantress named Muriel came in and wanted shelter. She offered him a rose if…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Piracy In Frankenstein

    In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, she writes of a beast going against his creator. While created to better humanity, the beast goes on to destroy his creator life. Shelleys work provides an example of unintended consequences. Examples of advancement leading to unintended consequences can been seen throughout history. A recent example is the digitization of sources and music. Before the 1990’s, the music and books would have to be bought physically, but the creation of the internet has facilitated…

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  • How Did Thomas Jefferson Influence American Foreign Policy

    Thomas Jefferson was a person who had a huge effect on the histories of both The United States and Europe. He was one of the founder of the Declaration of Independence. He affected people in The United States and Europe by his ideas and studies on democracy and freedom. He believed that The United States is a chosen country. Americans are chosen and they are a hope for rest of the world. He believed that freedom of politics and religion are mutually vital and they cannot be divided. According to…

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  • The Duel By Joseph J. Ellis: The Founding Fathers

    The Founding Fathers relationship between each other and the American People The founding fathers, if you grew up in America you likely have heard of them. Joseph J. Ellis’s book focuses on a few of the founding fathers lives and struggles. The first chapter, called The Duel, highlights the confrontation between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr which ended in Hamilton dying of a fatal wound. What happened is Burr, who was tired of Hamilton fiddling with his political career based off of their…

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  • Theme Of Ambiguity In Henry James The Turn Of The Screw

    In Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw, the reader is pulled in two directions as he or she must decide for himself or herself if the ghosts are simply projections of the governess’ unconscious or if they are truly haunting both Miles and Flora. These two differing viewpoints are a direct result of James’ use of ambiguity of the text. James’ story then changes from a simple ghost story about a governess, two ghosts, and two children to a story filled with ambiguity and questions, which contribute…

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