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  • Professional Safety

    to note a study cited by the author where 12% of users at that time were accessing 10 or more systems. The author surmised if individual websites were factored into the analysis the percentage would grow substantially. He even related personal information to indicate that his number of passwords for systems and sites was well over 30. With the increased size and usage of the internet, it is hard to imagine this demand has done anything but increase. Therefore this article serves well as a…

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  • Multimodality In Education

    When discussing and comparing the different types of literacies and the TPACK framework I believe the information from the three can be intertwined in some ways. TPACK emerged as a framework for identifying and understanding the complex interplay of teachers’ technological knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and content knowledge and how these knowledge bases…

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  • Three Possible Careers

    Psychology. I choose this field because I enjoying helping people. I do believe I will go far in this career field but I know I should have more options. The other field I will research is the Information Technology field of study. My three possible career choices are Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Information Security Analyst, and Computer Support Specialists. I included a matrix that has six criteria that I find important when choosing a job. The criteria researched are salary,…

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  • Cybercriminals Violate Consumer Privacy

    an exceptional platform, where user can share their experiences, stories, blogs and not only share as well as can extract a wide variety of information. The Internet is a system that allow users to reach value and service by exchanging data. Due to high number of internet users, the shared information are experiencing exponential growth. These all information shared on internet benefits all of the Internet community, however, the advantages of the web world have come at some cost, one being…

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  • Sox Act Pros And Cons

    accessed the computer network they steal information to obtain a profit, or some hackers just do it for the challenge (). There are multiple different types of hackers. In basic terms there are the good guys and the bad guys. The good guys are known as white-hat hackers and they help companies find loose ends in their security systems. Then there are the bad guys and they are called black-hat hackers. Black-hat hackers break into computers to steal information for their own profit…

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  • Network Security

    In today’s ever changing technological world, network security is a necessity. According to The SANS Institute, a research and educational organization dedicated to “information security training and security certification”, network security is “the process of taking physical and software preventative measures to protect the underlying networking infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction, or improper disclosure, thereby creating a secure platform for…

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  • Case Study: Network Intrusion

    Helix CD ( to boot the server. The file system was examine using the Unix-based utilities from Sleuth Kit. Sleuth Kit utilities is able to produce a Time stamp of the system files. Sleuth Kit provided information on the inconsistency of file activity time line. This led to a closer look at specific files. Further examination disclose file activity that was consider unseen when the server was running(Johnston & Reust, 2006, p.119). Another process…

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  • Narrative Essay On Computer Class

    privileged town was access to the internet. The website Code Academy became my first literary sponsor to develop my coding ability. The students who wrote the lessons may or may not have suppressed information within their teachings. However, they taught information through the website, modeled the information in various forms, and they used other literacies to their advantage in order to develop their lesson plans. While the economic status of my town was prosperous, my own social class was…

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  • Value Of Media Analysis

    building block of literacy is knowledge structure. Knowledge structure means organizing your memories into groups or sets. This is achieved by using different bits of information organized for a purpose. To do this you must be able to retain information and then decide what is it useful and what is not. When deciding what information is useful the individual must not just think about “what” but rather think about “why” and…

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  • Security Life Cycle

    software or applications, such as web server or web application, can be detrimental to the organization and cost in money, time, production, and many other areas of the business. There is so much information that is used and passed along within an organization that it is imperative that the correct information is used…

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