Information security policies

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  • Information Security Policy

    Information security policy refers to measures taken by a company in an attempt to control the behavior of the labor force. The policy ensures that no inappropriate activities take place within the working environment. As part of the rules that the policy has to abide by is the compliance with the laws and regulation and the ability to create defense in the court (Peltier, 2016). The management must support and administer the policy in a suitable manner. It is imperative to tailor the policy as a way of meeting the needs of the company. Responsibility sharing is one factor that the management of an organization should take into account to ensure effective use of the data systems. An information security policy goes a long way in reducing risks…

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  • Standard Operational Procedures

    Overview of goals and objectives: According to Iowa state university, Information assurance is the method of maintaining and managing the risks regarding some information. Information assurance professionals try to protect the information and information systems by assuring authentication, confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. At whatever the phase the information is like storage, transition or processing, ensuring the protection of the information is the key. We can also…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Privacy And Security

    piece of technology always brings with it concerns and questions. Much like the French Philosopher Paul Virilio who stated, “When you invent the ship, you invent the shipwreck,” [1] the introduction of distributed ways of sharing and storing data have introduced the potential for it to be compromised. The question becomes whether or not the gains outweigh the costs. As a user and future member of the Information Security industry, I would have to say that the answer would be yes. With…

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  • Legal Case Study Of Ethical Dilemmas

    force me to break the law, then I must consider trying to transfer to another court and work for another judge. This could also end my career! 4. My first option is to contact the person who gave the court the report containing Alex’s confidential information, supposedly his probation officer, and have him order the HIV test. I could ask the police, who are holding Alex for a curfew violation, to attempt to find Alex’s father and persuade him to have his son tested for HIV. The only other…

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  • Humongous Code Of Ethics Case Study

    Lonnie Young III Professor Clarke CIS 4850 18 July 2017 Humongous Holdings Code of Conduct The Humongous Holdings industry's mission is to make sure that every employee not only to be professional, but to make sure that they follow the standards and be accountable for what they do and don't do. In order for Humongous Holdings to be a successful enterprise, all employees must follow the rules so it could maintain a safe environment for everyone. According to the book, "Cybersecurity: The…

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  • Case Study: XYZ Co Ltd

    Limitations of ABC/ABM Though ABC/ABM give a better understanding of the cost behaviour of an organization, it has the following limitations: • The cost of implementing the process of ABC is high due to an increase in the number of employees required to deal with the resulting additional information • Problems in identification of the actual source of cost leading to under costing of complex drivers and over costing of simple ones. • It concentrates more on costs rather than on activities…

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  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act Analysis

    Hackers and viruses are both security threats to a business’s network as they are both capable of stealing information. The difference is that a hacker is an expert in technology who uses their knowledge to break into computers and computer networks for either profit or motivation while a virus is software written with malicious intent to cause annoyance or damage. (Baltzan, 2013) There are several different types of hackers. Two of the most common are black-hat hackers and white-hat hackers.…

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  • Information Influence Of Information Security In The Workplace

    Information security is defined as protection of confidentiality, integrity as well as information access (Chen, Ramamurthy & Wen, 2012)). There is evidence which suggests that, regardless of technical controls numbers in place, institutions of higher learning such as Central Michigan University will still have to deal with security breaches. Information security does not only refer to technical problems, but is also known as ‘people’ problem. This is because most breaches occur when the people…

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  • Essay On Information Security Audit

    Information security Audit Services Information Security Audit Services Manage Legal and Security Issues Compliance has become a four-letter word in many of today 's organizations where IT audit findings could costs thousands of dollars, interrupt business, generate fines and damage your reputation. Depending on your industry, you might be required to demonstrate security procedures, track internal processes, coordinate departments for systemwide audits or upgrade your security capabilities to…

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  • HIPAA Case Study Answers

    the field of Information Technology, Security is very critical to ensuring that HIPAA is not breached with any of our clients. The biggest subsets as laid out in this case study are Information Privacy, Risk Management, Access Controls, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, and VPN’s. Again, as someone who works within the medical field performing IT, Privacy is incredibly important for not only my end users, but the clients. The information transmitted from select departments to other select…

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