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  • Narrative Essay On Fartknocker

    Memoir I am not a bad kid but in the past I have done some questionable things such as things that followed the guidelines of fists and bruises but I am going to tell you the story of when I got into my first fight. This story is kicked off by saying it was my first day of middle school in gym class when I decided try to smart mouth off to one of the new kids I was paired up with which probably was my first mistake, Never smart mouth off to a eighth grader that is heavier than you. To…

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  • How Did Gallipoli Changed Australia

    Outside was an inferno of machine gunfire and falling shells. Australians were throwing bombs into holes, clubbing Germans, taking others prisoner. It was also an action in which tanks were used in combat for the first time.Even tho tanks were used for the first time in…

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  • Sacrifice In Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy

    thing I admire about Dante is that he wrote Divine Comedy it is such an amazing poem that I do not think I can forget. Although the first time I heard of Dante was when I saw on social media that one of my favorite shows is based on his story of Inferno. After that I looked more into it and hearing about it in class made it even more interesting to me. There is plenty of reasons why Dante was my top picks: it is because I can relate to him a lot. When I was younger my mom tells me that I used to…

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  • Personal Narrative: Stay In The Car

    someone had called 911, so the driver got a grand finale of his vehicle-turned-bonfire turning into a soggy soon-to-be pile of rust. It made me grateful that my parents’ car does not have something dragging on the ground, ready to turn our car into an inferno. The biggest reason we don’t have that problem is that my parents maintain our car enough not to have the problem he did. As my mom said, the man looked like he was “an inch from a diabetic coma,” while my parents are healthy, mentally and…

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  • Standard Freshman Composition Course Analysis

    I teach "Introduction to Literature" and "Standard Freshman Composition" courses at Suffolk County Community College. I personally design both of my courses, which adhere to the mission statement of the college. In "Introduction to Literature," my students engage in imaginative works of literature, analyze major literary themes and forms, continue training in effective prose writing skills, and demonstrate maturity and thought and style when deconstructing literary elements such as image, plot,…

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  • Harrison Bergeron Lord Of The Flies Society Analysis

    The novel Lord Of The Flies by William Golding was the first book we looked at as a class. We talked about how the book was allegorical novel and discussed Golding’s interpretation of society through his characters and major conflict. This book was the most helpful to answering our essential questions about individuals and society. Society is made up of many individuals and each person has a role in it. Usually, a leader is put in charge to guide the other individuals of society. Ralph in Lord…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should Books Be Banned Books?

    Book Banning is Misguided. Book banning refers to the restriction of access to a book through assertion of processes initiated by a ruling organization or individual. Targeted books mostly those in schools, libraries or book stores are challenged by individuals in any particular society due to kind of content illustrated in them. Generally, the content is normally categorized as immoral by the challengers who believe that the said content can pollute or adversely influence a young readers mind.…

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  • How Did Greek Poetry Change Over Time

    Poetry has changed greatly overtime throughout four major periods until the Romantic period. The first known period of poetry is the Ancient Greek period. In this period, it was the beginning of poetry. The Greeks took the oral tradition of storytelling and put it on paper in the form of epic poetry. These poems are more like storytellers than the actual structure of a poem we see today and the poems were quite lengthy. The Greeks used poetry in music and theatre and they were mainly about the…

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  • Ovidius Naso Essay

    Publius Ovidius Naso, better known as Ovid, was born March 20th, 43 B.C. in the town of Sulmo, Italy. At an early age, his father wanted him to pursue a career in law as a lawyer due to the family’s strong ties to the equestrian order. Ovid went on to Rome to study rhetoric and law; however, he was only able to acquire minor legal positions. Realizing that his passion did not lie in the political field, he turned to poetry. Focusing and improving on his poetry by writing full-time, most of his…

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  • Dogma Vs Indulgence Analysis

    Dogma vs. Indulgence Dogma (1999) is an obscure comedy, which challenges the beliefs and ideas, or dogma, set out by Catholics in particular, but may also pertain to other faiths. The story is about two angels that get kicked out of Heaven, and they want to get back in. They find a way to get back, which in the method will forgive all their sins. Naturally they must be stopped, by the "Last Scion," (individuals who were the last member of a ruling house, or another prominent family,…

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