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  • Continuous Quality Improvement Case Study

    “Mrs. Smith, your EKG is showing me that you are having a heart attack.” As I place my hand on her shoulder, “take a deep breath, I here now. I will not allow anything bad to happen.” Unfortunately, Mrs. Smith died on the way to the hospital and despite our exhaustive efforts, she could not be revived. The realization that some patients die regardless of the care rendered is something I have come to understand. Eight years in emergency medical services have taken me through the entire spectrum…

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  • Gender Identity Disorders In Boys Don T Cry

    Brandon meets all the above criteria’s for GID as depicted in the movie. The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) list three diagnostic criteria for Gender Identity Disorder and the case of Brandon Teena falls under the category of Trans sexualism: Trans sexualism has three criteria’s which are “the desire to live and be accepted as a member of the opposite…

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  • Psychological Response To Bereavement And Grief

    Bereavement, grief, and mourning are terms applied to the psychological reactions of those who survive a significant loss. Bereavement means the state of being deprived of someone by death. Grief described as the subjective feeling precipitated by the death of a loved one. Mourning defined as the process by which grief resolves; it is the expression of post bereavement behavior and practices that are socially sanctioned(1). A deceased loved one thus bequeaths an array of emotional problems that…

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  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disor: A Case Study

    Model and Conceptual Framework According to the criteria for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in the 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10), obsessional symptoms originate from within the mind of patients, as opposed to external sources. It is also characteristic for OCD patients to demonstrate some form of resistance, but at the end, they fail to resist at least one obsession or compulsion (Walitza et al., 2011).…

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  • Emr System Pros And Cons

    Pros and Cons of the EMR System Across the United States, more and more medical practices have put into effect the use of the electronic health care record software. There are many companies that offer different programs. Privacy is the most important concern that comes into mind when using the electronic medical health records. While paper records can also make it easy to violate a patient’s privacy, the convenience of electronic records makes it easier to violate privacy and the convenience of…

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  • Edd Physician Record Case Study

    Step 1: Review the ED physician record. Note presenting signs and symptoms, lab values, medical history, and the ED physician’s impression, as well as the reason why the patient is being admitted. Note any diagnostics or procedures performed in the ED. Don’t forget this part of the admission, because you might be using the ED record as the basis for an attending query, such as acute respiratory failure for a dyspneic patient intubated in the ED. Step 2: Look for the physician’s document of the…

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  • Mental Health Case Study: Steve's Case

    As stated in ICD-10 (WHO, 1992) sign and symptoms of schizophrenia is grouped into positive and negative symptoms. Royal College of Psychiatrist (Rcpsych, 2016) explain positive symptoms as unusual experiences which are more intense and distressing. This includes hallucination…

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  • Medical Necessity Analysis

    In order to discuss medical necessity in the current era of health information technology, we must have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of medical necessity. Most of this article focuses on explaining medical necessity and towards the end includes some thoughts on how medical necessity relates with health information technology. The meaning of medical necessity is different for providers, physicians, courts, government/private insurers, or consumers. Medical necessity is used for…

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  • Challenges In Health Care

    The federal certification of EHR systems involves three timed stages; the majority of hospitals and providers have attested to Stage 1. However, the attestations for Stage 2 are lagging with only 40% of hospitals and 10% of providers attesting, highlighting the difficulty of the requirements (Miliard, 2015). In addition, there is a large portion of data being captured outside the EHR (Ward, Marsolo, & Froehle, 2014). This includes laboratory information management…

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  • Case Study: Unitedhealth Inc.

    In this era where people are in such a need to have healthcare coverage either for treating diseases or prevention it is crucial to have organizations which the main focus it health. UnitedHealth, Inc. supplying to more than 75 million people is doing just that.it is by far the largest operating across the globe for 30 years. Providing health benefits and health service business to millions. Essentially aiming inventions to lead productiveness advancing health care services. In turn giving a…

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