Human development

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  • How Internal And External Factors Affect The Development Of The Human Brain

    can considerably be the most vital organ in our system. In this regard, it is quite an inconceivable fact that the overall biological characteristics pertaining to the development of the human brain are the key components in the determination of a human being’s internal and external functioning. The functions and traits of the human brain are quite fascinating, which constitute to a human’s way of life. For example, the proper digestion of a human’s consumption and the ability to adapt to our…

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  • The Influence Of Sexual Orientation On Human Development

    factors such as parental warmth or parenting styles. It is also not related to family structure. It is likely the role of prenatal hormones that influence sexual orientation because it develops during the prenatal period. These hormones impact the development of the hypothalamus which is where sexual attraction is rooted. There are four possible mechanisms for prenatal hormone influences on the developing brain. The first influence is hormones produced by the mother. The maternal immune…

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  • Analysis Of James W. Fowler's Stages Of Human Development

    weeks and put them into practice. I will articulate the stages of human development of my interviewee from the lens of Carol Rogers’ person-centered therapy approach, and the faith development of my interviewee from the lens of James Fowlers’ faith development stages, thereby describing…

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  • Nature-Nurture: The Effects Of Genetic Influence On Human Development

    the external factors, such as environment and life experiences. The nature-nurture debate concerned with the extent to which aspects of behavior are a product human, whether nature (i.e. genetic influence) or nurture (i.e., acquired learning or environmental factors). The debate allows psychologists to study various aspects of human development which include intelligence, personality, and mental illness. However, different field of psychology often takes one side of the approach. For example,…

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  • The Social Reercussions Of Human Rights Enforcement And Economic Development

    The study of development is so often focused primarily on the economic sector of growth or lack thereof. In that, while we frequently discuss notions of power, the labour market, and various economic theorists - it is seldom acknowledged how living in these economic conditions affects the citizens on a human rights level. I am of the opinion that human rights enforcement and economic development need to occur hand-in-hand, to avoid instances of international exploitation and rights infringements…

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  • Training And Development And Theories Of The Human Capital Theory

    Human Capital Theory: There are many theories regarding training and development, but in the present research the theory employed is the Human Capital Theory. This theory is built on the classical theories of the growth, learning and the labor markets. The theory states that employees are the main asset of the organization, so they make an attempt to figure out whether the training increases the productivity. Theory is basically based on the two attributes that is Individual and Organization.…

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  • The Difference Between Training And Development And Human Resource Management

    the organizational goals and objectives. One of these divisions are the human resources management or the HRM. The human resources management is the department that is responsible for all personnel-related issues. It includes hiring, making interviews, employing, training, developing, evaluating, managing and terminating personnel in the organization. The main goal of the human resources management is to create a strong human resource in the company that makes it effective and helps it in…

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  • Theories Of Human Development

    Human development presents a set of guiding concepts that are described and explained with different theories. One may recognize five developmental theories, with distinct perspectives, while looking over the course of a person’s lifespan. One theory is the psychoanalytical theory. This is a theory of human development that starts in childhood and claims that unconscious desires and intentions, motivate human behavior. One may use this principle to comprehend mental functions and stages of…

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  • The Impact Of Information Technology On Human Resource Training And Development

    The impacts on information technology change the effective management of human resource training and development activities 
 The rapid changes in technology have brought more pressure to the Human Resource departments in different organizations because now the competition of business has become the competition of knowledge and intelligent employees.HR managers are facing many challenges in present business scenario like Globalization workforce diversity, technological advances and changes in…

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  • Stages Of Human Development

    There are various stages which constitute development in human beings which take place during the lifespan, including birth, infancy, early and late adolescence, early and late adulthood and death. Humans experience many biological, emotional, psychological and social changes during these stages, many which occur simultaneously, or independent of each other. The characteristics of these stages may be comparatively similar and different when observing the two genders, but there are also…

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