How Internal And External Factors Affect The Development Of The Human Brain

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As a society we are often indulged with the idea that our brain’s primary function is to store information, however, our brain is not only capable but accountable for numerous other functions and can considerably be the most vital organ in our system. In this regard, it is quite an inconceivable fact that the overall biological characteristics pertaining to the development of the human brain are the key components in the determination of a human being’s internal and external functioning. The functions and traits of the human brain are quite fascinating, which constitute to a human’s way of life. For example, the proper digestion of a human’s consumption and the ability to adapt to our social environment are prime examples of these internal and external functions, which can only be administered by the organism’s brain. So in a sense, we are who we are because of our brain and their ability to process and store information. These qualities make every individual human brain unique and irreplaceable. Along with the ability to process and store vital information that makes it a unique organ to each individual, there are various components within the human brain that are quite similar to those of other human beings. For example, the lack of pain receptors and its composition of white and gray matter are among the numerous characteristics shared between the diversified human …show more content…
There are numerous factors during the early development of the human brain which can drastically alter its adequate development. Among the many factors, nutrition is known to take precedence in the proper development of the human brain during its fetal stage and its subsequent years. The development of the human brain thrives with the proper intake of nutrients which can derive from multiple sources such as foods and proper

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