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  • Demographic Transition: Relation To Human Development And Economic Development

    indicator of fertility and mortality from a high numbers towards a stable lower numbers. This phenomenon in the study of development is one of the alternative points of view to explain the development process, in addition to any other point of view that tends to emphasize the economic aspects, such as capitalism, industrialization, and the theory of modernity as the center of development process. In the process, it can be said that there are two camps that have formed a different perspective in…

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  • Bioecological Theory And Attachment Theory

    gene-environment interactions on human development. In 1994, This model is evolved from Urie Bronfenbrenner and Stephen J. Ceci’s original theoretical model call the ecological systems theory (Roundy, n.d.). Urie had developed the theoretical model after realizing that the individual was overlooked in other theories that had previously focused on the context of development, or the environment. It places emphasis on understanding the bidirectional influences on development and environment, which…

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  • Fdi And Human Development Case Study

    the correlation between FDI and human development. Based on the Sharma and Gani (2014) paper as a basic guideline as well as many previous theoretical and empirical studies, an empirical model is built to estimate any role of FDI in affecting human development. Therefore, this study specifies the general model as follows: HDIit = αit + β1FDIGDPit + β2Aidit + β3Tradeit + β4Govit + β5Ruleit + εit where HDIit indicates human development index in country i at…

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  • John Bowlby's Attachment Theory Essay

    throughout their life. Maslow focuses on a type of development that happens in seven categories, one being reached after the requirements of the previous one have been met. While Bowlby’s theory involves having a Primary Attachment Figure that is there to help a person, most often a child, through their many parts of their development. Included in Bowlby’s theory was the Strange Situation experiment. Both theories have their own focus on how development happens but the main ideas and concepts…

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  • The Importance Of Anti-Bias Education

    in an early childhood classroom. Derman-Sparks and Edwards converse about how why teachers do anti-bias education and how it will benefit children in the long run. On the other hand, York tells us about childhood development and research on children and their knowledge on human development. We can see that these two articles differ seeing that one discusses the importance of keeping prejudice out of the classroom and the other examines anti-bias education and how it will assist children.…

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  • Transition Of The Effects Of Adolescence

    Human beings have been created to undergo certain stages that are critical in human life development. This stage, adolescence, is a transitional stage that is characterized by physical and psychological development in human beings. Adolescence is mainly experienced during the teenage years. It is important to note that adolescent characteristics that include; psychological, cultural and physical expressions may be elicited much earlier in life and end at a later stage than usual for example…

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  • Globalization And The Human Social Development Process

    phenomenon of human social development process. There are a lot of definitions of globalization, and the general sense of globalization refers to the growing global relations, human life on the basis of global scale development and the rise of global consciousness. Interdependence between countries in the political, economic and trade. Globalization can also be interpreted as the world 's compression and the world as a whole. After 1990s, with the influence of globalization forces on human…

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  • Multidimensional Approach To Human Development And Behaviour

    Analysis A multi-dimensional approach to human development and behaviour is beneficial in social work and human services practice as the human condition, and all human experience, is multifaceted and complex. Current knowledge and awareness of social and psychological theories is highly important as well as it must inform decision making in direct practice. This paper will discuss Tony’s inner and outer world, according to Harms (2010), in order to analyse his behaviour with consideration to…

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  • Thinking About Lifespan Development Summary

    Assignment 1: Thinking about Lifespan Development Section One: Summary of key developmental ideas The attachment theory (Drewery and Claiborne, 2014) is a crucial theory in the field of human development that continues to influence the way we view families as a society and is applicable across most cultures. The theory is derived from psychiatrist, John Bowlby (1951) and describes the concept as, “the naturally occurring bond between infants and their parents, particularly the mother” (Drewery…

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  • Father Engagement

    purpose of the article is to describe and explain the importance the father and mother have on their children’s cognitive development through play in a longitudinal study. INTRODUCTION: The importance of the father involvement in their child’s life and the father’s income influences the child’s life drastically through academic achievement, peer relations, cognitive development, and behavioral or emotional regulation. The authors asked if mother and father engagement relates to children’s…

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