Importance Of Human Resource Development In Tourism Industry

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Human resource development (HRD) always play an important role in the development of an industry as well as personal development for individual. Nowadays, most of the organizations neglect or do not realize the importance of HRD towards the organizations development. Besides, have a good HRD intervention may reduce the unemployment rate and it could place a right people on the right position. Therefore, we are analysing the empirical article done by Nafees A. Khan to discuss more about human resources development. The study was carried out by Air India Ltd., New Delhi to acknowledge and resolve the issues and problems faced by the employees of tourism industry. Based on the study, the tourism industry in India is lack of trained and skilled employees. In other word, it can be considered as employees’ allocation failure. There are several problems that faced by tourism industry in India, which are shortage of good infrastructure, condition of work, and insufficient of strategies and policies for human resources development. From the problem mentioned, it shows that development of human resources is how important are and HRD should be more concerned by every sector and industry.
Human resource development plays an
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Moreover, the solution of Malaysia to solve this problem is to import labor from abroad although the procedure sometimes is difficult but they still have to proceed. The reason they willing to do that because transfer of technology and knowledge skills was important in Malaysia staff development especially in hotel companies. In Malaysia, as a result of continuing high growth of working- age population and labor force participation rate has increase from year to year as well as large inflow of foreign labor and these were slightly over one million additional entrants into labor market over Sixth Plan Period (Chapter

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