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  • Racial Disparity In Health Care Essay

    insurance. Inequalities can be seen throughout the health care system and have a major impact on our country’s (both current and future) health and well-being. Racial disparities are a matter of critical importance as the racial and ethnic minority group population of the United States will increase to nearly 40% by 2030 (Copeland, 2005). Literature and Data Review A driving force behind such inequalities in the simple notion of one having access to health insurance. Moonesinghe, Chang and…

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  • Autonomy In The Niger Delta

    Nigeria is plagued by conflicts between various ethnic groups, issues of widespread government corruption and ineffectiveness, and by conflicts concerning the production and sale of oil. These problems are all especially evident in the Niger Delta. As a resident of the Niger Delta and an ethnic minority within Nigeria, I have a unique perspective on the situations at hand, as well as how they aught to be remedied. I hope to see citizens of the Delta gain an increased amount of regional…

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  • Rise And Fall Of The American Teenager Analysis

    Looking at the effects of extensive economic growth in the 1950s, we can see how wealth and prosperity brought on a slew of cultural changes (Hine, p. 277). Students are often driven to associate themselves in groups that share their same values, which can include being friends with those from a similar social class. As a result of schools promoting middle class values, students raised in cultures against these values often are punished more than those who better…

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  • Classroom Case Study: Isaac Washington

    Isaac Washington Isaac Washington is a junior African-American student at Jefferson Davis High School, a school known for its academic excellence. When Isaac was a freshman, he was among a group of African-American students that was transferred to Jefferson Davis High School due to a court order to desegregate the metropolitan schools. Because of the desegregation of Jefferson Davis High School, Isaac’s pre-dominantly black school was shut and the students were bused long distances and spread…

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  • Racial Privacy Initiative: An Argumentative Analysis

    We live in a diverse society now and so, comparison among different groups will always be experienced due to the belief that one’s group is better or superior to the other groups (ethnocentrism). Individuals or families who face racial prejudice were likely to have physical and emotional problems, such as depression, anxiety, loss of interest, eating and stress-related disorders…

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  • School Resource Officer Thesis

    out a short set of questions that ask you about things like your age, race, education, etc.; (2) Participate in a focus group with other youths in custody where you will be asked to talk about things like what you know about school resource officers and whether having school resource officers on campus makes you feel safe. I will ask you before the beginning of the ‘focus group’ study if you are comfortable with me using a tape recorder. The reason I would like to use a tape recorder is because…

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  • Racial Equality

    Equality. An idea that Americans believe is present in today’s society. The truth is that inequality can still be found throughout the US most of which is pertaining to multiculturalism. Racial inequality has come a long way since the 19th century but in no way has it been eliminated from society. Stereotypes and societal standards about race block this road to full equality and cause racism and discrimination to still exist. This existen can be seen in the groundbreaking news story that…

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  • Essay On Individual Reflection

    Individual Reflection Throughout the production of the video and group report, I contributed in terms of ideas generation and carrying out the plans. During the initial stage of the video production, we discussed as a group on the social issue to focus on. I suggested a few ideas and shared justifications as well as some scenes I have in mind for each idea. After we finalized the social issue I participated in the discussion to form our story plot by suggested some scenes and shooting angles…

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  • Mistakes In History

    History can be considered as the entrance to a brighter future for history provides information about the reformation and the molding of the American country. History enlightens the population about the upbringing of the America, beginning with the colonial ages. Mistakes were made in order to form the America of today. History teaches people about those mistakes and how our past generations overcame those trials. Due to the knowledge of history, America is quickly advancing in industrialization…

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  • Reflection Paper: A Beneficial Dance Class

    When creating a dance number, there are formations that have to be incorporated with others’ formations. “The confidence gained through achievements in dance helps to build social skills, increase self-esteem and the ability to communicate well in a group” (“Why Dance?” par.5). When I was on Heat, a competitive dance team for Yucca Valley, I learned how to work and get along with my teammates which benefited me tremendously. The dance class will be taken by people with similar interests.…

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