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  • Isaac's Writing: Focus, Content, Organization, Style, And Conventions

    However, when he writes on his own, his writing lacks meaning, correct use of grammar, organization and a good sequential order. As shown in his writing assessment, he is unable to write more than one paragraph and struggles to write one paragraph independently due to his struggles to come up with ideas and construct complete sentences. He needs to work on grammar, detail, organization, transitions and elaboration in his writings. For example, the writing assessment asked…

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  • Inclusive Language Definition

    about someone that is wrong and can cause a lot of misunderstanding. This will also help to eliminate judgements, not only when speaking but also when thinking. Some would disagree in saying inclusive speech is a form of prescriptive grammar. Prescriptive grammar is when one group of people tells another what proper speech is. By doing so, they are not promoting the goals of a liberal arts education because they are telling someone how to speak. If people are being told how to speak…

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  • Reading And Writing Reflection

    Improvement of My Own Reading and Writing What difficulties I had with my reading and writing at the beginning of English 1010? Was I happy with my reading and writing skills? The answer is definitely not pleasing because I had a lot of problems, such as unclear thesis, unorganized paragraphs, incorrect use of MLA style, poor mechanics, confusing ideas, vague pronouns, and wordiness. English 1010 has helped me utilize my mistakes through the assignments and practices I did in this course.…

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  • Peer Mentor Reflection

    to the classroom and should change the social context in which students learn (87). With each writer, I was able to turn their grammatical mistakes into a teaching opportunity because there was a pattern, but each writer had their own issues with grammar that they struggled with. The writing center afforded me the opportunity to address their issues and make them a better writer in the English language. It wasn’t enough to just correct the mistakes, but notice that they all stemmed from a…

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  • Interlanguagepragatics And Pragmatic Competence

    2.1. InterlanguagePragmatics and Pragmatic Competence 2.1.1. Definition of pragmatics and interlanguage pragmatics In his work, Yule (1997) explains that pragmatics is “the study of the relationships between linguistic forms and the users of those forms”. He details that studying pragmatics allows learners to “talk about people’s intended meanings, their assumptions, their purposes or goals, and the kind of actions that they are performing when they speak”. In other words, it’s about how people…

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  • Constituents Function And Function

    1. Introduction This paper presents a sentence to analyze how constituents function and the four test that can be used to prove the constituent. Linguist consider a constituent to be a structural unit made of a word or words that create the sentence and other phrases as well. In (1) the sentence that is analyzed and the constituents that are going to be tested are presented. Branches are used to show the boundaries that form the constituents. 1. Sentence and Constituents a. He might have been…

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  • Week 1 Reflective Report

    particularly enjoyed the format of the Communication Fitness exercises, in which the concept was first introduced and an overview was provided, the student was able to define the concept, and then, finally, the student was tested on their skills. With each grammar lesson, I was forced to study the different parts of speech and immediately apply the skills learned. I found myself defining and understanding terms that I had previously taken for granted. Even when I had attained a satisfactory…

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  • Importance Of Prepositions

    Preposition is a word or a group of words which brings out the correct relationship between a noun/pronoun or between a verb and a noun/pronoun or an adjective and a noun/pronoun. Prepositions are important structural words. They have been called, ‘hooking words’, since they are used to hook nouns, pronouns and word-groups on to preceding words and word-groups including sentences. The purpose of the hooking is to mark the relation of the noun, pronoun or word-group with another word or…

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  • The Reflection Of The Characteristics Of Rules In Teaching Grammar

    According to Widodo (2006), a deductive approach is making use of knowledge from general to specific. In teaching grammar, this approach is called rule- driven approach as well. In this type, grammar knowledge is explicitly imparted then; teachers explain and reinforce their learners’ comprehension with some practical activities. According to Widodo as well, in deductive approach learners feel comfortable while doing their exercises because they feel safe from committing grammatical errors.…

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  • Speaker Recognition Essay

    1.1. Background of the Study Speaker recognition is the process of automatically recognizing who is speaking [4][24] on the basis of information obtained from the speech waves[13],[18],[20],[21][22]. It should be noted that this process of recognition is different from speech recognition which is not [5][16] biometrics and it’s defined as the process of recognizing what is being said, e.g., dictation of words by an individual for computer understanding (speech to text recognition). The goal of…

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