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  • Importance Of Effective Communication

    Every moment of my workday I am communicating across multiple platforms with people in many roles. I spend most of my day assisting customers on the phone with their accounts and will also send informative text to clarify things that have been discussed. I try my hardest on every call to make sure that all their needs are met and that they are understanding everything that I am saying so there is no confusion or need to call back in. There are a few things that I do on the calls to make sure…

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  • Bee's Hair Case Study

    Q1. “Take a close look at Beau’s fur. Use a qualitative data to describe it.” Q2. “What is hair made up of? How much of it is protein, carbohydrate, nucleic acids, and lipids?” Q3. “Take a close look at Beau’s fur. Use qualitative data to describe it. How has Beau’s coat changed between puppyhood and adolescent?” Q4. “What do you think is happening to Beau’s coat change? What are your initial hypothesis?” Q5. “Based on what you know now about Beau’s parents and littermates, what do you think is…

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  • A Worn Path Reflection

    As I reflect at the end of this semester on my work in your Grammar Strategies class, I can see clearly how much I have improved as a writer. I have learned to notice my strengths and weaknesses and to learn from all of them. I engaged in several assignments and the feedback that I received from you. I have learned from critical reading how to recognize an author`s purpose by analyzing the evidence that the author provides in his/her text. To understand the tone of the text by categorizing…

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  • Morph Syntactic Analysis In English

    Morph syntactic Analysis: 12th Grade Male from Mexico #2 Introduction This Morph Syntactic Analysis project allowed me to explore the word formation of an ESL student. The student I examined was a twentieth grade male from Mexico. The Spanish aspects of his prior knowledge may have affected his English composition. The analysis features morphology and syntax areas of language. Noun phrases, corpus, verb phrases, verb tense, sentence composition, orthography, and other parts of speech…

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  • Scope And Sequence Analysis

    Scope and Sequence This activity was designed for a second grade students including focus learner students, these activities sheet focusing on the presentation of the story and news sight words learned by the students. The focus learner students have been mimics the vowels sound and phonics, which had encourage the student to repeats and practice the sounds in order to learn the new sight words, The repetitive practices of these sounds has helped the students to building words and create…

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  • Conceptual Knowledge Vs Procedural Knowledge Analysis

    Although conceptual and procedural knowledge cannot always be separated, it is useful to distinguish between the two types of knowledge to better understand knowledge development. First consider conceptual knowledge. A concept is ‘an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances’ (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 2012). Knowledge of concepts is often referred to as conceptual knowledge (e.g. Byrnes & Wasik, 1991; Canobi, 2009; Rittle-Johnson, Siegler, & Alibali, 2001).…

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  • Neil Smith And Deidre Wilson's What Is A Language

    and the ways in which language is an organism that changes through time. As a prerequisite to judging languages to one another, an individual must be able to distinguish the content of a language. Language can be defined by the setting of certain grammar rules that hold two purposes:…

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  • Reflection On Felicia Low Interpersonal Communication

    For this assignment, I interviewed Felicia Low, a Program Advisor at the School of Public Health. This interview taught me a lot about myself and my interpersonal communication skills when it comes to communication on a one-on-one basis. Prior to the interview, I was a bit nervous since I did not know Mrs. Low personally and never communicated with her face-to-face. I prepared to conduct the interview in a way that it would feel like a normal conversation and not a regular interview. For…

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  • Scholarly Sources

    structure, and how use of punctuation allows for sentences to be grammatically correct. One aspect of the grammar lesson that positively affected my writing was the use of a comma after an introductory phrase. The example from my ED three is this sentence: “In my experience, Pinterest is a good way…” The were a few cases in my ED three that I corrected the lack of such comma. The second grammar tool that I used to better my writing was the semicolons and colons. I have used semicolons before,…

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  • Isaac's Writing: Focus, Content, Organization, Style, And Conventions

    However, when he writes on his own, his writing lacks meaning, correct use of grammar, organization and a good sequential order. As shown in his writing assessment, he is unable to write more than one paragraph and struggles to write one paragraph independently due to his struggles to come up with ideas and construct complete sentences. He needs to work on grammar, detail, organization, transitions and elaboration in his writings. For example, the writing assessment asked…

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