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  • What Are The Six Categories Of Tornadoes?

    According to Enhanced Fujita Scale, the tornadoes in the United States and Canada can be rated in six categories: EF0, EF1, EF2, EF3, EF4 and EF5. Scale Wind speed (mph) Rating classifications EF0 65–85 Weak EF1 86–110 Weak EF2 111–135 Strong and significant EF3 136–165 Strong, significant and intense EF4 166–200 Violent, significant and intense EF5 >200 Violent, significant and intense Figure 1. The six categories of tornadoes of the Enhanced Fujita Scale EF5 tornadoes have happened in the…

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  • Characteristics Of Debussy's La Soire

    characteristics for the corresponding regions. Incorporating stylistic features of another culture while composing for a Western audience as described by Locke’s idea of transcultural composing, is realized in this set. Debussy’s incorporation of distinctive scales, rhythmic patterns, harmonies, and colors commonly associated with the exotic also follows Locke’s idea of submerged exoticism. La soirée dans Grenade allows both submerged exoticism and transcultural composing to intersect. Although…

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  • Case Study: Christchurch Earthquake

    The earthquake struck at a shallow depth of 5kms and was measured at 6.1 on the Richter scale, this disaster affected the majority of the southern island and the base of the northern island of New Zealand, showing the dramatic proportion of the damage that occurred. The city of Christchurch however was the hardest hit and the surrounding area…

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  • Essay On Anthropocene

    Introduction Humans have an enormous impact on our global environment. For centuries human activity has always been known to disturb the earth’s land, oceans, and atmosphere. As we 've growth we made our footprint in our world environment. We alter more than 50% of the world land (Stromberg, 2013 ). One of the most arguable questions is when did human influence on the earth global environment began? There have been multiple studies suggesting different way discover this answer, but the most…

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  • Landslide Essay

    1.1 Introduction to Landslide A landslide is a geological phenomenon, which includes a wide range of ground movements, such as deep or shallow failure slopes and rock falls. See figure 1.1. 1.1.1 Factors influence Landslides Landslides occur when the stability of the slope turns from the stable state to unstable state. Most of the Landslides usually cause depend on two main factors: (i) Natural Factors and (ii) Anthropogenic Factors. (USSG, 2004) (i) Natural Factors (a) Geological…

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  • Self-Brown And Mathews's Effect On Classroom Structures

    Effects on Classroom Structure on Student Achievement goals Orientation, by Shannon R. Self-Brown and Samuel Mathews II, was published in The Journal of Educational Research in 2003. In the study, Self-Brown and Mathews wanted to study the effect of how three different types of classroom structures affect the goals that students set for themselves. In today’s schools students consistently show a lack of motivation. They take for granted the educational opportunity that is in front of them.…

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  • The Importance Of The Anthropocene

    What is the Anthropocene? What is the Anthropocene, and why is it important? According to Paul Robbins, John Hintz, and Sarah A Moore (2014), the Anthropocene is an expression that is occasionally used in order to describe our current geologic epoch. It is said to have started from the time people first started having a control over ecosystems; influencing environmental ecologies all over the world (Robbins, Hintz, & Moore, 2014 p.4). With this definition, it is implied that humans have had a…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Grading Essay

    they told you what they wanted. 3. Unique grading scales It can be hard enough t get a 90 percent for an A, ever harder is having to get a 93 to get an A because the professor has created their own rouge grading scale. Grading scales can be complicated enough, but there is always a few professor who feel the need to overcomplicate things through the use of weighted grade scales, and other strange and unique scales. The use of these grading scales end hurting the students then helping them,…

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  • California Earthquake Research Paper

    Unlike the East coast, the natural disaster that is most common in the West coast is earthquakes. As common as earthquakes are, there are only so much we know about the elements involved; such as fault lines. The topics discussed are what and where earthquakes occur, its history, and earthquake preparation in California. Earthquakes are known worldwide as a shaking of the ground. However, this just how people see the phenomenon where destruction follows. According to Christopher Scholz and his…

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  • Dropping The Grading System

    With American students falling behind in the world standings of academics, it is time that we review other options of grading and teaching in our educations system if we are going to reestablish ourselves in the world market of education. There is a new concept regarding the grading system known as , Grades out and Badges in, and I believe it would be a sufficient change to assist the level of learning for our students and our rankings in the world education. Grades out and Badges in is the…

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