Gestalt psychology

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  • Personal Experience: The Four Psychological Theories Of Learning

    never put much thought into how a person learns, or even what learning is. Once someone takes the time to understand the brain and how it works, then that person can begin to understand the many psychological theories about learning. The study of psychology in itself is a hard enough topic for someone to wrap their head around. To fully understand the way learning is conducted one must first understand the brain and the ways information can be retained; I found this out the hard way. Since I…

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  • The Big-Five Theories Of Career Development

    There are countless career theories and models, none of which are enough to describe the broad field of career development. In this section it describes core theories, and their key ideas to career development. It’s said that five theories of career development have guided career guidance and counselling practice. “These five theories are Theory of Work-Adjustment, Holland’s Theory of Vocational Personalities in Work Environment, the Self-concept Theory of Career Development formulated by Super,…

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  • Humanistic Existential Model

    The humanistic-existential model dates back to the 1940s. Carl Rogers is often credited as being the founder of the humanistic perspective (Comer, 2014). Theories using the humanist perspective have an optimistic view of human beings while those using the existential perspective believe that human beings are not naturally driven to live positive lives, but must make and chose to create meaning in one’s life (Comer, 2014). This theory emphasizes that people are able to attain goals beyond…

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  • Cognitive Assessment Case Study

    light is an automatic human reaction as this situation has already been experienced, interpreted and verified by our brain. In top down process, our brain sends down instruction for the action required based on past experience. There are four major Gestalt principles of perceptual organisation which are similarity, proximity, good continuation and pragnanz. Cognitive assessment methods for perception include the Muller – Lyer illusion where the perception level of an individual is tested based…

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  • Autobiographical Memory

    Perception Imagine driving down the road and what seems to be coming towards you is a giant black puddle. The puddle keeps transforming in to different shapes as the sun reflects different levels of brightness on the road. You look around and see that it is not raining and you wonder why you would be seeing a puddle. As your car gets even nearer to the puddle suddenly the puddle disappears and all you see is the hot black pavement. This is when you realize that you were not seeing a puddle at…

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  • The Importance Of Mathematics

    Today in most of America and some other parts of the world, students are facing math phobia and thus getting away from it. Why would someone like to stay from something that we use daily and may be all the time, from paying for bills to sometimes thank someone for their services. Mathematics is the very nucleus of the puzzle of life. The man has been trying to find the pieces of this puzzle since evolution started and mankind was born. Mathematics has been proven a key to most of the secret…

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  • Louis H. Sullivan's Thoughts: The Power Of The Human Mind

    The human mind is a fascinating machine. While humans may not be the biggest or strongest throughout the animal kingdom, our thoughts, and as a result, our intellectual power has lead us to become the dominating figure on this planet. Many people argue that one’s most powerful resource is their thoughts, but what kind of “thoughts” make them so fierce? Louis H. Sullivan, in his essay “Thoughts”, believes that creative thinking is the most powerful method of thinking. In order for one to think…

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  • Importance Of Dapps Goals

    DAPPS goals can help people plan for the future. The acronym DAPPS stands for dated achievable, personal, positive, and specific. Having a goal that is all of these things gives one an obtainable goal that has a time frame that is within reach. My three DAPPS goals are to become a clinical psychologist, buy a house, and to improve my physical and mental health, also, my sub-goals to reduce stress are to continue to get good grades, keep up to date with my school work, decrease spending, increase…

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  • Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory Of Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence affects all ethnic groups and all cultures, regardless of the age, the income level, the religious belief or the education level. Many theories have been developed over the years to provide an explanation for why people commit domestic violence or behave as they do. Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory proposes that people learn from one another, by observation, imitation, and modeling (Boeree, 2006). The Social Learning Theory implies that people learn the procedures and…

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  • Sigmund Freud's Theory Of Psychology: Why Do Dreams Happen?

    Basically, dreams are images created in the brain during sleep that can incorporate different senses. Considered the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud is one of the most well-known names of psychology. His theory on why people dream was created around 1899 and is still widely accepted, yet there is little scientific reason behind it. Freud considered dreams to be psychologically necessary for humans. To understand Freud’s theory on dreams, first…

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