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  • Why Was George Washington Best President Essay

    George Washington could arguably be the best president but reasons as to why Washington was the nation 's most well done president can be drawn from before his presidency as a general during the revolutionary war. During the war he demonstrated great strength in leadership and intelligence, leading his outnumbered army away from defeat on two different occasions that gave them a much needed advantage that ultimately won the war. The first occasion was during the battle of Princeton on December…

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  • The Role Of Socialism In George Orwell's Animal Farm

    George Orwell was a man of great experience and knowledge. His famous writings spoke of the unknown future and remain renowned today. Orwell brought a new, uncharted perspective to the world when he began writing. Throughout 1984 and Animal Farm, George Orwell offers a glance at the egregious government and a diminishing society. As a result of his hatred for other types of government, George Orwell espouses socialism. Socialism brings forth many ideals that Orwell believes in and negates…

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  • Power In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

    Society exists as a force to oppress people, and punish anyone who does not follow what it wants. The renowned author, Ken Kesey, in his novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest addresses the unethical workings of the Combine. Kesey’s purpose was to illustrate how the Combine affected certain individuals in the society that could not fit their standards. He adopts a sympathetic tone in order to portray the inhumanity that the patients must suffer under the Combine, as well as a rebellious tone to…

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  • Revolutionary Character By Gordon Wood Summary

    Gordon Wood’s book, Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different, is a series of compiled essays and articles that the author published previously and separately. Wood then took the essays and articles and put them together within one central book and implemented an introduction, as well as an epilogue to tie the book together and support his main thesis. According to Wood, the Founders were a “unique elite” that molded a system which, overall, ensured that no one like them would…

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  • Character Analysis Of Equality 7-2521 In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    What would you do if you lived in an altruistic society where individualism is forbidden and you work and live for the common good? Would you conform or would you rebel like the main character, Equality 7-2521, in Ayn Rand's novella "Anthem"? In the novella Equality 7-2521's is constantly breaking the laws until his final act of rebellion against the World Council and the collective society. The archetype of a rebel is someone who resists authority and refuses allegiance to the head of…

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  • 1984 Winston's Relationship Analysis

    Relationships In George Orwell’s novel 1984, the author portrays the relationships between people as one’s that are essentially close, sexual, and forbidden by the Party. Two main relationships that make an impact in this book would be Winston’s connection with both Julia and O’Brien. This book illustrates that power and authority can be used to destroy individuality and break the bonds of love as shown through the relationship between Winston and his wife Katherine, and between Winston and…

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  • Animal Farm Chapter 10 Summary

    Chapter 10 which is the last chapter of animal farm. Talks about how the animals are all equal. They work hard at least for themselves. They defend their farm and take care of it. They finally build 2 windmill and the farm gets larger. New animals come to the farm. There will be no Sunday meetings. The animal farm changed its name to manor farm. Years passed by really fast. No one can remember what happened in the past except clover, Benjamin, Moses the raven and a number of the pigs, Muriel,…

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  • Plot Synopsis: The Hunger Games

    Paragraph 1 - Derrick & Gobind Introduce your Novel / Plot synopsis Briefly recapitulate the important details of the economic model of your story as identified in subtask 2. The “Hunger Games” is a story about a government body (the Capitol) that forces two people who live in each of the twelve districts to fight to the death against each other. They do this for entertainment purposes and to keep the people who live in the districts under control of the government. The people who live in the…

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  • The Mafia Essay

    There is this game called “Mafia” that many people have certainly heard of if not played themselves. Basically how to play is there is a storyteller who secretly assigns a role to all of the players involved. There are two groups of people. There is the Mafia and the “innocents” (Wikipedia). The Mafia are the “killers”and the innocents are the ones who are able to be “killed” (Wikipedia). After the groups are picked, the rest of the game is up to the storyteller to navigate. In order for…

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  • Muhammad Ali's Toughest Fight

    would win nine times out of ten; it was rare to see Ali had lost. Thereafter his career Ali was named by Sports Illustrated “Most Recognized athlete of the Century” (Burgan 59). Without a doubt the best award Ali has received was in 2005. President George W. Bush awarded Ali the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest Medal of Freedom (59). Obviously, Ali had to be very motivated to go so far in his career. This all started when a student named Clark would bully him in high school (Burgan…

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