Above Extreme Equality In Harrison Bergeron, By George Orwell

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Within these novels, the author warns us to be conscientious of the control that the government has over the lives of its citizens, and without resentment from the masses, the government will become an overpowering presence in their lives.

In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, The Party/government fears rebellion, therefore, it strives to know every aspect of the citizens of Oceania 's lives, and it tries to seem omniscient in the eyes of the citizens. The Party places telescreens in every room throughout Oceania as a means to spy on the citizens 24/7. If a citizen is caught saying anything against the government there are arrested by the thought police and are forced to face torture for their crime. Every sound that the citizens make “above
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The government makes sure that everyone has the same exact opportunity as everyone else no matter their physical makeup or mental state. Everyone is lowered to the lesser denominator in society. No matter how you were born, “nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else” (1). Anybody who was born with a quality that allows them to excel past the lowest denominator in society they were given a handicap that eliminates their special quality. Even characteristics like weight have to be equal throughout society if a person is “underweight” they have to carry bags of birdshot around their necks to weight them down. People are forced to live with the with these handicaps, yet they are severely punished if they try to live without them. If they try to reduce the weight around their necks they have to face “two years in prison and a two thousand dollars fine for every [lead] ball [they take out of the birdshot bags]” (3). There is no individuality in this society, which causes misery and pain in the citizens being forced to live with these handicaps. This is what the author of this short story believes will happen once the government is allowed more control and guidance in the lives of their citizens. Equality sounds like a good thing, it can easily get out of hand and leave a uniform society were creative and competition are no longer a pleasure that the citizens can

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