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  • Persuasive Essay On Publix

    Publix: Where Shopping Should Be, But is Not, a Pleasure I think, in the Fall of 1930, George W. Jenkins endeavored to emulate lionized, yet-to-be-born-television-icon-Oprah-Winfrey. A furtive and sinisterly burly man, I believe, he traipsed into burgeoning Southeastern neighborhoods and bellowed, “You get a Publix! You get a Publix! YOU GET A PUBLIX!” Frightening (and expensive… so, so expensive). No one really wants to go to Publix, but Jenkins opened Pandora’s box 86 years ago, and now Southern consumers are left with little to no choice. Yeah, Target is cheaper… but it’s farther away. I mean, Publix is right there. It’s like tract-housing now; Publix, Publix, house, Publix, Mattress Discounters, Publix, in an insidious, inescapable…

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  • Three Ideas Of Realism: The Three Theories Of International Relations

    What’s a better reason for president George W. Bush to declare war on Iraq in 2003 then for security and oil? Saddam Hussein the leader of Iraq at the time was believed by many states to have possessed weapons of mass destructions (WMDs). Next is oil and according to the Iraq War PowerPoint, “We demand ‘free access’ to oil because it’s to our national interest and national security.” (Iraq PP, p.11) The US never did found any WMDs and although the WMDs never existed, the fact that the US invaded…

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  • No Child Left Behind Reflection Papers

    Reflective Paper 1 Kaitlin McHugh Middlesex County College Public law 107-110, which is more commonly known as “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) is a law that President George Bush signed into effect in 2001. “This law changes the federal government’s role in kindergarten through twelfth grade education by requiring United States’ schools to describe their success in terms of students’ attainment of academic standards and performance on standardized tests” (Hyun, 2003).…

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  • What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish Summary

    Based on What of This Goldfish Would You Wish?, Texas v. Johnson Majority Opinion, and my own experiences, our reactions to situations define our relationships with others. In the the short story What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish? by Etgar Keret, Yoni a young man with a thirst or making it big by creating a documentary knocking on doors, and asking people if they had three wishes from a magic goldfish what would they ask for. Along Yoni’s journey he comes across a man named Sergei in which…

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  • Youth Violence: The Influence Of Violence In The Media

    o Crime is another issue that takes place on a day to day basis all over the world. Some humans believe that violence is often the behavioral response that people are taught or have learned to use in order to get what they need in life. Day to day it is shown that there is an act of violence towards humans, whether it is among the youth, adults or race. This is an important issue topic to discuss, because it affects every generation, especially the youth of today. Youth violence, which leads to…

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  • Abolition Of The Electoral College

    Introduction In 1991, David W. Abbott and James P. Levine predicted that, “In the not very distant future the candidate who loses at the polls will become the president of the United States.” Abbott and Levine framed this possibility as the “coming constitutional crisis,” and made ominous predictions about the effect that such an outcome would have on the American public. Less than a decade later, George W. Bush became the 43rd president of the United States after losing the popular vote. This…

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  • Similarities Between The Vietnam War And The Vietnam War

    wars, asking his feelings towards them and how he feels they impacted the world. Most of his answers were full of useful, spot on information, which is why you don’t see many things such as “my dad once said” or “according to my dad,” but rest assured, he contributed to every aspect of this paper. On September 11, 2001, 2,977 American civilians lost their lives as hijacked planes crashed into the pentagon, the twin towers, and crashed into fields. The hijackers were militant Islamic…

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  • Media Influence On Elections

    With the increase of modern technology, the affects media has on presidential elections has greatly increased. Television, social media, radio broadcasts and other forms of media are easily accessed by almost every American in the year 2015. After a great amount of research, it is has been concluded that media is biased and influences the decisions made by Americans when voting for the next president. However, even before the increase in modern technology, media has always been a contributing…

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  • Hip Hop Impact On Politics

    Hip-hop culture has the ability to effect the way people think about politics and how presidential candidates execute their campaigns. This power has been realized recently, especially by President Obama, but we have yet to truly see it reach its full potential. Hip-hop has been around since about the early 1970s, but never had it realized its potential to effect politics until the 2008 presidential election. The starting point of this realization was during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This…

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  • Electoral College Process Essay

    It comes from the 435 representatives. 100 senators, and then the 3 electoral vote’s allotted to the District of Columbia. The Electoral College is responsible for the votes that chose the next president and vice president. Of those votes, a candidate must receive a majority of the votes, 270 or more. One of the most famous cases of how the Electoral College works with the 2000 election between Al Gore and George W Bush. Gore won the popularity votes by far, but in the end, Bush was elected…

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