Shay's Rebellion And Shays Rebellion

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Shays’ Rebellion is a very controversial topic to discuss. There are many event that lead up to this famous rebellion. Daniel Shay led many farmers to rebel against tax collectors. The American Revolution made conflict begin among many. After fighting, Daniel Shay came home and then led this famous rebellion. With Shays’ Rebellion, there were many questions and opinions then and also now.
Daniel Shays
Daniel Shays was born in 1747, being the second child out of (what would be) six children. His father, an immigrant from Ireland, worked as a servant. Shays did not have much of an education. However, he worked as a farm laborer like most young men in this time period. Once he got older, moved away from his parents, and settled with his wife,
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Many politicians and government officials became more aware of these rebels and protests. In addition to these famers rebelling, they also wanted people to rethink their economy and government. They knew that they needed a change; they wanted everyone else to think the same way they did. This rebellion did just that; it convinced people that a change was very well needed. Shays’ Rebellion led to many important changes in the government. Daniel Shays and his very important and well known rebellion which included famers from West Massachusetts had many impact on the government. Many people such as government officials even knew a change was needed, especially for a new and better …show more content…
At this time, many government officials and other agreed that a change was very much needed in order to act and function as a proper and organized government and country. Everyone also had their own thoughts on the things occurring during this time. Shays’ Rebellion occurring just three years after the American Revolution brought many hardships to the government and economy.
George Washington wrote to Henry Knox speaking on the events happening such as Shays’ Rebellion. He states that he could not believe it was happening. If someone would have told him three years ago what would happen and occur in the future, he would not have even begun to believe it. The major conflicts with the government and these rebels made the economy extremely weak. George Washington suggested that a stronger government was strongly needed. Everyone agreed with Washington. Washington knew what a rebellion would cause. However, George Washington had many opinions and ways on how to end Daniel Shays and his rebellion with the other farmers. He suggested and advise that the government officials should invent a new Constitution. This meant that the Articles of Confederation was thrown out. They were no longer going to be put into effect. Shays’ Rebellion led to many changes; a Constitutional Convention was called to find a better, more improved idea government and

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