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  • William Manning: The Nature Of Free Government

    Between 1790 all through 1860 America was a new country trying to learn how to run itself. The success of the American Revolution brought hope of a country with a just government; a nation where every citizen has a say in how things are run. I believe America had only started to envision that, with citizens like William Manning proposing thoughts on how American government could be, but with concern about how it could get corrupted. The way some citizens would stay oppressed while others stood on their work. Such corrupt systems in the future did in fact defile the motions of liberty America started on. Free American thinkers such as Orestes Brownson and Fredrick Douglas criticized the way America was taking itself. With the power going to the wealthy and the hypocrisy of the leaders in this so claimed free nation. America was a nation lying to itself on what it was. The consequences of the American Revolution sparked a sense of democratic freedom into many citizens of America. Citizens believed in the war and believed that it would bring about positive change for the country. After the war, in 1799, William Manning was a leading example of one. “And when the revolution began in America I was in the prime of my life, and taken up with the ideas of liberty and a free government.” (William Manning, The Nature of Free Government, p. 148). Manning describes himself as an everyday laborer who fought in the war because he believed he was doing the right thing. He states…

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  • 'A Character Analysis Of Ripley In The Film Alien'

    a trip returning to earth after going on a mission to find minerals within its ships you have seven passengers who are in a deep sleep. You have Captain Dallas, his second in command Executive Officer Kane, Warrant Officer Ripley, crew members Ash Science Officer, Navigator Lambert, and Engineers Parker and Brett. They have all been working together for some time in deep space forming relationships and co habituating habits. In Alien we how our main character our protagonist the person we as…

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  • Prometheus Film Analysis

    Her personality is the embodiment of the Badass sci-fi female protagonist Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) of the Aliens franchise. Mind you, this is not a prequel to the Alien films says Director Scott Ridley. But unlike Ridley’s “Rippley,” who sets out to eradicate all Xenomorph of the Alien movies. Shaw has a belief that life has ultimately a divine origin, and sets out to find the answers of it. Prometheus, does echoes many of the classic Alien’s technology such as hyper sleep chambers and a…

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  • Eroticism In The Talented Mr Ripley

    Patricia Highsmith’s novel The Talented Mr. Ripley and Anthony Minghella’s 1999 screen adaptation of the same name delve into the life of a man with a talent for impersonation, fraud and his desire to obtain a lush lifestyle beyond his means. Sexuality and eroticism play a key role in the film adaptation. The precursor novel does not portray Tom Ripley as an overt homosexual, it displays the character as a sexually ambiguous individual. However, in the film it is evident that Ripley would rather…

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  • Tom Ripley Literary Point Of View

    Highsmith depicts the behaviors of Tom in detail as well as reveals Tom’s inner thoughts explicitly, portraying the figure of Tom Ripley as a tactful while talented liar, who associates with the grey areas of the society and struggles to live a higher-level life, vain and calculating. For example, just after Tom accepts Mr. Greenleaf’s offer to go to Italy, he plans to cheat a last victim from his lists of prospects, Mr de Sevilla. “Shouldn’t he try just one more in these last ten days before he…

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  • The Importance Of Inaugural Addresses

    ” Will believes that “the general shortening of sentences reflects, in part, a change in nature of Inaugural Addresses.” He refers to Teddy Roosevelt who called the presidency “a bully pulpit.” Later addresses have had an incentive to tell Americans how to behave with phrases such as “The only thing we have to fear…” and “Ask not…” A more popular phrase which was used by Kennedy and Nixon was “Let us…,” which according to Will means, “For Pete’s sake, pull up your socks and shape up.” The…

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  • Cinema, Ideology And Criticism In Film

    Even when looking at a light hearted comedy, there are political elements that engulf the film. “Cinema/Ideology/Criticism” by Cornolli and Narboni explains this. An example is women’s representation in the film. If a director and writer follow the norms of female characters, it shows that they agree with the status quo of how a pop culture sees women. They did not make a political statement, but it is shown in their actions. A political theme across our films and televisions shows woman against…

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  • Critical Analysis Of A Sunday On La Grande Jatte

    I had to understand why Seurat used such a difficult technique for his work. I then came upon the theory that perhaps he wanted to produce a deeper sense of life in his paintings. All things in the world are composed of millions of cells, and these cells create objects, color, and everything that practically exists. I imagine that Seurat's motive was to utilize this scientific law in his work to give an atmosphere of life, texture, and movement in the scenes that he…

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  • Compare And Contrast Animal Farm And Lord Of The Flies

    I will be comparing Animal Farm by George Orwell and Lord Of The Flies by William Golding. In a Lord Of The Flies, young boys get stranded on a island after their plane crashes. After the plane crashed the boys try to make life livable on the island, but two boys Ralph and Jack fight over who gets to be the leader of the island. Eventually Ralph and Jack go head to head about who gets to be leader, and Jack wins because all of the younger boys go to his side. In Animal Farm, Mr. Jones the owner…

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  • Beatles And Drugs And The Beatles

    LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) was little know at this time, but still legal, and was commonly used by John, Paul, George, and Ringo. It had an “[immense] effect on the Beatles songwriting and recording” (“Beatles and Drugs”). The first released song to mention acid was “Day Tripper,” but “over time its influence resulted in less explicit and more abstract references to acid” (“Beatles and Drugs”). The song most commonly associated with The Beatles use of LSD is “Lucy in the Sky with…

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