Genetically modified food

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  • Case Study: The Chakrabarty Case

    The primary issue is whether the bacterium that was genetically engineered constitutes to the meaning of Section 101 of Title 35 U.S.C. from which it is “manufacture” or “composition of matter”. The secondary issues that arose was that microorganisms has been excluded from the Plant Patent Act,1930 as well…

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  • Mycelia Agar Essay

    respectively. After incubation, the culture was filtered through Millipore filter for removing spores for collecting non-volatile metabolites from T.koningiopsis. Collect the transparent supernatant containing non volatile metabolites. For poisoned food assay the liquid formed nonvolatile was added to molten PDA medium (at 40 ± 4°C) to obtain a final concentration of 10% (v/v). The medium was poured in Petri dishes at 20 ml per plate and inoculated with 5 mm mycelial plugs of the pathogens in…

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  • Mandatory Labeling Argumentative Analysis

    GMO’s are foods that have been genetically altered to have the most desirable characteristics. There are individuals who want to these foods to come with labels while others think it is a bad idea. In article one, “Although Some GMO Sympathizers Embrace Mandatory Labeling, It’s A Disaster In Waiting,” by Jon Entine, argues that sticking labels on GMOs will create problems and there no need to for them. Article two, “Even if GMOs are safe, mandatory labeling is a good Idea,” by Mahni Ghorashi,…

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  • I Contain Multitudes By Ed Yong

    In the excerpt from Ed Yong’s book I Contain Multitudes, he artistically argues the importance of studying microbiomes, in relation to other scientific disciplines. To craft his argument, he uses analogies to show the likeness between the Earth’s ecosystems and human internal body functions, personifies small organisms to evoke compassion from the reader, and utilizes the personal pronoun “we” to create a sense of social cohesion. The study of microbes is often neglected due to the apparent…

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  • Non GMO Research

    Why would farmers go back in time from all of the developments in technology, and advancements that have come along in agriculture industry? That would be like telling one of today’s farmers to get rid of his brand new John Deere tractor that is equipped with auto steer and heated seats, and go back to a horse drawn plow. In a way this is what the push for non GMO products are doing to farmers. One of the largest debates in today’s agriculture, is it effective to plant non GMO crops. Will…

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  • Early Human Migrations

    respective eras. While the northward migration was acted upon quickly, and depended on the humans of the time, the stationary life was adopted slowly and reluctantly, and was used as an alternative due to the constant changes in environment, including food sources. Each also had their own rate of progression after their initial beginning, as well as a different pattern of spreading around each location.…

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  • Gregor Mendel: What Makes A Good Scientist?

    Gregor Mendel was a scientist from Moravia who became famous for founding the science of genetics. He worked with cross breeding pea plants, focusing on several different characteristics. When he found that breeding a green and yellow pea plant, always turned out with yellow colored offspring, he ended up making the terms "dominant" and "recessive". Sadly, Mendel's work wasn't found important until decades later in the 20th century, but the things he discovered are still important to us today.…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Drones

    There are many risks involved with drones crop-dusting, too many unknowns and dangers, which could have devastating effects, with the end result being people without food to eat. Drones may have a place in society, but my conclusion is that their purpose is not to replace the crop-dusting industry at this time! Again, accountability is a huge concern and to me, our world could be total chaos with drones being dropped…

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  • Inequality In Civilization

    Which leaves the rest of the world at a huge disadvantage. With no domesticated animals. Domesticated animals are a huge plus for a civilization because they can be used for food, milk, clothing and for hard labor. Not all animals can be turned into a domesticated animal. There are certain requirements that have to be meet if you want an animal to benefit the civilization. The domesticated animal needs to have a easy diet,…

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  • Physical Geography Effects On Culture

    become more advanced was because it allowed for better crops to grow such as wheat. On the other hand all New Guinea had to eat was sego palm for nutrition, it could not be preserved and only seventy pounds came out of each tree. Since America had food that could be…

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