Importance Of Biotechnology Essay

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Environment is the term used for defining our surroundings which may include the biotic and abiotic components that are present around us. Biotic components include the microbes, plants and animals and abiotics are soil, water and air [1]. Biotechnology is the integration of technology and natural sciences by utilizing organisms and cells, to produce knowledge, services and products [2].
Environmental biotechnology refers to the application of biotechnology which is used for finding a way to solve the problems related to environment, in both conditions like in manmade ecosystem e.g. waste water treatment plants and in environment e.g. bioremediation, biodegradation of hazardous wastes and production of biofuel and biogas [3]. It is a field of scientific knowledge which involves microorganisms and products of them, to be used to prevent environmental pollution by utilizing various bio-treatment methods for all types of wastes like gaseous, solid and liquid wastes, bio-monitoring of various treatment methods and the environment [4].
The main principle of environmental biotechnology is to
• Treat wastes and effluents
• Develop environmental friendly procedures
• And produce alternate and more environment friendly things [3]
• To control environmental pollution
• To conserve
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For this purpose biotechnologists use microorganisms which are used as natural scavengers, so genetically modified microbes are used to clean the environment [1]. If biotechnology is used responsibly, it may provide us with renewable energy (bioenergy), less toxic products synthesis and new methods for monitoring environment [2]. These biotreatments rely on the physiology of microbes and their working is enhanced by optimizing the environmental factors. Microorganisms used for this purpose are aerobic, anaerobes and microaerophilies

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