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  • Amelia Earhart's Role In The Aviation Industry

    Who set many records in the beginning of the aviation industry or was a role model to many men and women in the early nineteen hundreds? Who fought for women’s rights in the aviation field? If you haven’t come up with the answer yet, it’s Amelia Earhart. Amelia was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas and died around the day of July 2, 1937. Amelia Earhart is one of the most significant figures in the twentieth century because of her role in women’s rights, the records she set in her…

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  • What Are Bold Actions

    some people may not agree with my and that's ok. I think bold actions are worth it. If you believe and know your limits. Bold actions are worth it because you can help others and yourself. For example Amelia Earhart made woman stand a little taller. She may not of succeeded at flying around the world solo but she was the first woman to fly. She made women think they could do anything if they worked hard. For this bold action she is known for what she accomplished. Bold actions are worth it…

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  • Sacrifice In The Short Film 'The Candidate'

    7. In politics, sacrifice is necessary to ensure an effective campaign. Such sacrifices include compromising one's beliefs ,time, and finances. The short film,"The Candidate," gives viewers insight of the campaigning process. The film presents campaigning techniques that politicians in the 2016 presidential campaign have used. Both McKay and Trump uses simple and outspoken ideas to have the public remember him. Early in the movie, McKay had the liberty to express his thoughts.…

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  • Donald Trump Research Paper Outline

    Donald Trump What if one normal man was able to go from a small time businessman, to a large scale Entrepreneur and reality TV star, to finally becoming the President? This is a brief summary of the life of Donald Trump, the current President of the United States. Donald Trump has benefitted the United States by reducing regulations and allowing jobs to prosper, winning the Presidency while running against a politically elite figure, and succeeding as a businessman and helping to inform his…

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  • Amelia Earhart Vanished Into Thin Air

    Amelia Earhart’s daring flight around the world was cut short when her plane, the Lockeed Electra, disappeared over the Pacific Ocean on June 2, 1937. Shortly after, rescue workers began scouring the area for signs of her and her navigator, Fred Noonan. The Coast Guard and U.S. Navy launched the largest and most expensive search in American history to try and find them. When they failed, Earhart’s husband, George Putnam, financed his own search but, unfortunately, also came up…

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  • Earth To Donald Trump Words Matter Analysis

    “Would you do business with someone who routinely exaggerated his or her abilities?” states Diane Diamond to open her persuasive article “Earth to Donald Trump: Words Matter.” This question brings an immediate comparison to scamming or conning. In this article Diamond evaluates Donald Trump and his unconventional method of running for president. As readers we see the authors take on this specific point in the third paragraph as she mocks Trump by calling his campaign the…

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  • Anti Trump Protest Research Paper

    With the results of the election being so controversial, anti trump protest have recently broken out all across the country. But what are these protest actually doing? It's important to accept that Trump is going to be our president and that is not going to change. But if we want to have effective social change then we don't need to protest against trump we need to come together as a nation protesting about his views on immigration, women's rights, education and racial equality. What can…

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  • Donald Trump Childhood

    Military Academy, 1964[11][12] Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Queens, New York City. He was the fourth of five children born to Frederick Christ "Fred" Trump (1905–1999) and Mary Anne Trump (née MacLeod, 1912–2000).[13] His siblings are Maryanne (born 1937), Fred Jr. (1938–1981), Elizabeth (born 1942), and Robert (born 1948). Trump grew up in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood of Queens, New York. He attended the Kew-Forest School from kindergarten…

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  • Similarities Of Amelia Earhart And Eleanor Roosevelt

    Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt. How are they similar? How are they different? These two famously historic women are very different, and yet very alike, in many areas, such as their accomplishments, their support from others, and their inspiration. Eleanor Roosevelt was, as we all know the wife of President Franklin D Roosevelt on the other hand Amelia Earhart has no known spouse. Eleanor loved to read, spoke french fluently, played field hockey, and had 6 children, one of which died at…

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  • Analysis Of Mark Twain And Jack London's San Francisco Earthquake

    Mark Twain and Jack London’s San Francisco Earthquakes Earthquakes are devastating tremors that cause serious damage. Mark Twain and Jack London describe two earthquakes they witnessed in San Francisco. In Mark Twain’s essay, he uses a satirical and humorous approach when describing human reaction towards the sudden earthquake, through a first point of view, and carefully chosen descriptive words. Jack London, on the other hand, focuses mainly on the effects the earthquake had on the city.…

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