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  • Arguments Against Donald Trump

    Donald Trump is an egotistical maniac that must not be president. Trump is a man so unqualified to be president that I think even a five-year-old can do a better job than he can. America has stooped so low into electing this crazy orange man that I don’t even think I can see rock bottom anymore. Trump is a sexist, racist, self-centered, egotistical baby who is only looking out for himself and throws little tantrums on Twitter whenever someone offends him. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of…

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  • Hillary Clinton Advertisements Analysis

    Many people think that the world is going to end. Many others have already lost faith in the U.S. Everyone is bracing themselves on what is going to happen on November 8th. The Yellowstone volcano isn’t going to erupt, nor is The San Andreas fault going to cause an 8.0 earthquake, but there is a run for presidency between Donald trump and Hillary Clinton. These two polar opposite candidates have gone head to head the whole year, and they have expressed their thoughts and ideas through…

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  • Robinson Vs Clinton Analysis

    With a critical election ahead, Americans anxiously await the results. This election impacts more than just another four years of American history; this election determines the fates of all millennium children and the strength of the economy as they enter college. Clinton’s economic plan includes making college more affordable; Trump’s plan wars with ISIS and the Middle East, depleting money from America. However, bogged down by both candidates’ scandals and characteristics, American voters…

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  • Informative Speech Outline On Amelia Earhart

    415 ft. 3. Amelia was breaking records left and right, being the first person to fly the Atlantic twice. ii. Tragedy then hit when Amelia left for what is known as her “Last Flight”. 1. She decided to attempt to fly around the world with navigator, Fred…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clinton's 'Reshuffle'

    In her policy ads, Hillary Clinton shows how she would improve the lives of those around her with her policies. In her ad “reshuffle”, Clinton talks about how she plans to reshuffle the working jobs in America to help the middle class. In “stretched”, she talks about how she plans to raise income for middle class families – at the end, she says “hope you read my plan”. In “every child”, Hillary says to look at her granddaughter and the opportunities which she has been given. She says that she…

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  • Mexico City Earthquake Analysis

    Mexico City: The Birth of a Civil Society Being one of the worst earthquake to ever hit Mexico, the 1985 Earthquake of Mexico City struck in the heart of the country and brought consequences that would later prove to shape the citizens sentiment towards the government and its officials. It sent the country into a frenzy and their inability to properly manage rescue operations proved to be fatal for the thousands of people who relied on the government to save their life and the lives of loved…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Trait Theory

    Introduction Leadership is like a diamond that consists of various facets. These facets combine together to bring the many aspects and characteristics of leadership. Hemphills and Coors (1981) as cited in (Ramli, 2011) describes leadership as the behavior of an individual when directing a group activity towards a goal. Tannenbaum, Weshlers and Moasarik (1981) as cited in (Ramli, 2011) states that leadership is the influence among individuals that is conducted in a certain situation, under…

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  • The Antichrist-Trump Profile Match

    Antichrist-Trump Profile Matches 1.) The Antichrist is extremely prideful, so is Trump 2.) The Antichrist is extremely boastful. So is Trump 3.) The Antichrist is full of deceit and lies. So is Trump. 4.) The Antichrist is full of flattery. So is Trump. 5.) The Antichrist is a schemer, plotter, secret deal maker. So is Trump. 6.) The Antichrist is slanderous. So is Trump. (Psalm 50:20) 7.) The Antichrist is hateful. So is Trump. 8.) The Antichrist puts on a false show of religion. So does Trump…

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  • Nursing Case Study Of Transformational Leadership In The Charge Nurse

    Defining what leadership is, who leaders are, and what leaders do is not easy (Grossman & Valiga, 2017). Some of the classic theories include Great Man Theory, Trait Theories, Situational Theories, Contemporary Leadership Theories, Transformational Leadership, Authentic Leadership, and Adaptive Leadership. Applicable to this case study is the transformational leadership. This theory was first introduced by Burns (1978), and he described it as being context based, a process for motivating…

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  • Donald Trump Informative Speech

    the United States. He has, wether you like it or not, been influential on history. Known for his outrageous tweets, this 70 year old have a long history. Donald J. Trump was born on June 14, 1946. He was one of many child born to Mary and Fred Trump. His father, Fred Trump, was a multibillionaire based on housing in New York. Initially, Trump was a difficult child, due to him had a lot of energy. So at a young age, they sent young Donald to military school. He was a huge success, being a star…

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